Friday, June 15, 2012

Fab. Five for Friday

I ordered a Cricut on Sunday, and it just arrived today!! I am so excited to open it up, buy some cartridges and get going on making some super cute crafts!! But before I do I must finish the product I've been working on to upload to my TPT store. Until then, I would love some advice from all of you cricut users. I just ordered the Cricut Expression. Any advice, tips, favorite cartridges, types of papers, project, etc you would like to share with me?? I'll probably head out sometime next week to find a place to pick up all of my paper and cartridges so any leads would be awesome :)

I took a short break from pinning for awhile since I was so busy towards the end of the year..but I'm happy to say I'm back into pinning and am going full force :) I have some awesome pins to share with you this week!

Source: via Courtney on Pinterest


I am totally loving this room for a sweet little girl. I saw this room when I went house shopping today with my brother and sister in law..I just had to take a pic :) The flowers and birds on the wall are little wire sculptures! How cool is that!

I'm also loving this super cute and simple tissue paper flower to dress up gift bags or even wrapped presents!!

This is almost the same setup as my white board at school but I'm really liking the decorative borders!! I'm not sure what this teacher uses to separate her objectives but I use this colored tape like thing..not super sticky but stays onto the board and comes off with no mess.

Although it's summer time, all of us bloggy teachers are also thinking ahead for the next school year. This is the smartest thing ever! Use plastic table covers for your bulletin board backgrounds. I'm not sure about you but I know the paper that I use at school that claims to be fadeless...always fades (really bad). Plus, these are such bright and bold colors!!

Of course, I need to include some fancy nails!! I absolutely love these nails!! I'm usually one for uniformity when it comes to getting my nails done but they all go so well together. I especially love the one glittery nail :)

Stay tuned for my fab. five pins for next week...or feel free to follow my pins on pinterest and you can keep yourself updated with my pinning obsessions :D 


  1. I love the idea of tablecloths for bboards!!!!


  2. What GREAT ideas!!! I love it!!!

    Just diving In

  3. Love the white board with the border on it and the tablecloth idea. Thanks for sharing.


  4. I love my Cricut!

    There are some cute school cartridges, I also have a Luau one, and one that makes labels. Just depends on what you will use yours for. I also like bright cardstock. I've used my Cricut to make posters, cards, envelopes, cut out letters, shapes, and more.

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher
    Endless Pinabilities

    1. Thanks!! Do the cartridges have certain names?? I would love if I could get them to check them out. :D Soo excited :)

  5. Thanks for following me on my blog Leaping into Third! I'm glad to be a follower of your blog too! I bought a cricut a few years ago and bought a program online that allows you to use the fonts and graphics on your computer and cut them out. It is awesome and saves a ton of money! I think it was Sure Cuts Alot. Unfortunately, It's on a computer that isn't working. I really should get it repaired to make some fun new things on cricut! I also wondered if the teacher used that patterned duct tape on the board. It looks great!