Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas in Paradise Giveaway!

Hi there and Happy Wednesday to you!
Today I am teaming up with some amazing teacher bloggers that also come from the beautiful state of Hawaii! We have an extra special Christmas in Paradise Giveaway for you!

In this Giveaway, you have the chance to win seven different holiday/tropical themed goodies, plus a fancy new pencil sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies!  Click on the images below to check out each product's description on TpT {and to add them to your wishlist in case you don't win!!}

I have also decided to add a little mystery holiday product in for whoever wins this Giveaway :) I'll actually be sending the winner TWO products-not just one ;)
Good luck!

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

DIY December Linky #1: Melted Snowman Cookies

Happy Sunday!
This month I have been doing a lot of DIY and baking projects for the holidays. I decided that I wanted to share it with you all and since I know that you are all a bunch of creative and crafty teachers- I want to see what you've been DIY-ing this month! SO..I present to you a brand new Linky:
Yesterday, my baking buddy and I  (another teacher) got together to make some Melted Snowman Cookies for our students. 
I absolutely love baking and decorating cookies, so this was a totally fun project for me! 

We started off by making our sugar cookies from scratch. This was my first time making sugar cookies and it was pretty easy! I have a really yummy recipe if you're interested. 
Click the photo above to download a copy of this recipe :) 

We then used circle cutters to cut the dough-then baked the cookies. 

The cookies will need to stay in the oven for a bit longer than the 15 minutes the recipe suggests. We just took a peek into the oven to make sure they were browned around the edges. These are what our pre-decorated cookies looked like. 

We then made our frosting using water, meringue powder, and some powdered sugar. 
We had to experiment better with how we liked the frosting. As you can see..we originally tried frosting the entire cookie-but didn't like that. We ended up using a plastic baggie to outline the melted snow look. Make sure to pop the marshmallows on before your frosting hardens. 

We then added some food coloring to the frosting-and used plastic bags (instead of piping bags) to draw on the eyes, nose, arms, and buttons. 
You could get fancy and add scarves, bows, and earmuffs but we were running low on frosting since we made 75 cookies! 

We then bagged each cookie into a plastic Ziplock Sandwich bag..and added these cute topper tags. I absolutely love how they turned out! It makes the packaging look much fancier!

The back of the tag also lists the ingredients.

If you're interested in using these tags-you can download them for free in my TPT Store. This is an editable file (for ingredients and teacher name). Please leave some feedback if you do decide to use these tags :) 

If you'd like to share any of your DIY Holiday Projects from this month-or from the past I would love for you to link up below! I always love getting new ideas and definitely would like to add some new projects to my to-do list! If you don't have a blog-feel free to leave your ideas in the comment section :) 
Thank you for sharing and Happy DIY-ing!
Rules for this Linky:
1. Link the picture of your project to your blog post. 
2. Add the DIY December Linky button to your blog post with a link back to my page. 
3. Check out the other DIY Projects and leave some cheerful comments

Thanks so much for linking up!!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

December Currently and Cyber Monday Sale!

Today I'm linking up with Farley for her December Currently. 

Listening-It's been pouring ALL day here. The weather is nice and cool so I've been snuggled up all day in my big fuzzy blanket watching Christmas movies. I've finally decided I should do some work..but put that off to write this blog entry :) 

Loving- That it is finally December! I am one of those people who are counting down the days till Christmas during October. I can't wait to bring out my decorations each year and start watching Christmas movies and blasting Christmas music 24/7 :) 

Thinking- That I REALLY need to start planning for this week!

Wanting- For it to be Christmas break! We go on break pretty late this year-but I'm wanting to plan some holiday parties. It's so difficult to do while school is still in session. 

Needing- Another day each weekend. Now don't we all?! It would be so nice. 

Favorite Tradition- My dad''s family is from California. Each year we head out for either Christmas or New Years (sometimes both) to celebrate with our family there. My only living Grandparents are out there, too so it's so nice to spend time with them. Plus..I love being freezing cold and being able to dress warm :D Yes-California is FREEZING for this little Hawaii girl.  We also go all out each year and put on a big traditional Japanese New Year Celebration. 

Don't forget to check out the TPT sale

It's a great time to stock up on some holiday products- or just resources to get you through the rest of the school year! You can score 28% off your purchase!! 

Here are some of my newest products:

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Deck the Halls With TPT!

Happy December! I am so excited that it is officially December. Christmas is definitely my favorite time of the year :) To start off the holiday festivities- I'm linking up with Christina from Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge for a super fun TPT Sale Linky Party. Head on over to her blog to check out some amazing sellers and their holiday products! 

Here's the playlist going on for Deck the Halls with TPT! 
I'll be sharing three songs with ya. 

The first is A Seasonal Favorite-The 12 Days of Common Core!
Featuring my December Morning Math pack. I have these packs available for each month of the school year. Each month highlights different skills and focuses on word problems. This is a quick review of skills taught so my students have constant reinforcement of previous skills throughout the year. 

Next up is Walking in a Math Wonderland!
Here are my holiday themed multiplication and division task cards. These task cards are used to reinforce 3.OA.3. I love using task cards in my class. We sometimes use these in math centers, whole class reviews, scavenger hunts, or SCOOT. 

How do you use task cards in your classroom? 

And Last but not least-I'm Dreaming of a Holiday Product!
With these fun Holiday themed Multiplication and Division Memory Cards. I used to love to play this game as a child with a plain deck of cards. Now your students can build their fact fluency with this fun game! 

You can score all of these products in my TPT Store. I'm also running a 20% off Sale from Today-Tuesday. Don't forget to use the code CYBER for an extra 10% off at checkout! 

I can't wait for this amazing sale! My wish list keeps growing each day-so it's about time I load up that shopping cart.

What's on your wish list? 
Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: Favors

Welcome to Wednesday Wedding Inspirations! 
Today I will be continuing a weekly series where I share ideas and inspirations for anyone who is planning a wedding, or anyone who just loves everything about weddings. Last week, I posted about wedding gowns so if you missed can check it out here

This week I will be sharing some ideas on some creative, fun and budget friendly favors. 
Favors are a great way to give a little thanks to your guests for making it out to your big well as to have some fun and really showcase who you and your man are as a couple. 

My hubby and I love a good night out with friends and some these favors are right up our alley! 

Feel free to click on any of the photos throughout this post to be redirected to the source of the photos :) 
A cheaper alternative to this would be to buy your own shot glasses from discount stores such as Ross, TJ Maxx, Homegoods, etc. You could put your own sayings on the glass using vinyl, or you could just go ahead and fill them with candy.

Champagne and OJ 

I definitely love this one. We are both beer lovers.

Here are some cute and 'random' favors:

You can find a ton of super cute and customizable already made favors from Etsy. This option will save you a ton of time and stress, but can also be very pricy.

If you're like me and on a tight budget, here are some more ideas:

You could also change the label 'Love is Sweet'

I've also seen others who make a donation to their favorite charity in the guest's name. An option could be to choose 2 or 3 of your favorite charities, give guests a 'kiss or hugs' candy when they sign in, then they can choose which charity they'd like you to donate to on their behalf. 

These photos were taken from a friend's wedding :) She is super crafty and creative!! 

What are/were your wedding favors? Any advice/tips for me on favors? I'd love some advice!! 
Thanks for stopping by!