Friday, June 29, 2012

Fab. Five for Friday and Area and Perimeter Spelling

Awhile ago, I posted about the spelling contract that I use with my kids. Its available in my TPT store. I've also added in the worksheet that my students use to find the area and perimeter of each of their spelling words. This sheet has really been a hit with the kids. They LOVE finding the area/perimeter of their words and are truly able to grasp the concepts with this spelling sheet. I've uploaded a few examples for you, since it may be confusing at first :P
Students begin by writing their words in the boxes. I remind them it's kind of like writing when in Kindergarten with the lined paper. Tall letters go up to the roof, and letters like p and q go downstairs tot he basement. 

Students then must outline each word with a  highlighter or marker. This is where many students make mistakes, so its important for them to go slowly. They outline only the boxes that have writing in them.

Then, they find the area and perimeter of each word. I have my students label each side for the perimeter then cross it off as they add them they don't get confused. 
Let me know if you have any questions about this sheet!! Again, it's available in my TPT Store..and If you'd like to read more about my spelling contract you can read my earlier post :)

Onto my Fab. Five for Friday

I'm loving this no name paper hanger. When students don't write their names on their paper, all you do is clip it up. Students are responsible for checking to see if it's theirs..No more wasting time trying to figure out who's paper belongs to who..

Source: via Courtney on Pinterest

This is such a cute idea!!! Pencil dispenser..Although, I can imagine kids just wanting to get pencils so they can pull that thingy down and see their pencil fall out. I remember loving to get straws from this dispenser as a child.

This site has 72 ways to cut your spending my hundreds a month, and thousands a year. I really need to start budgeting my money better...I really have a problem spending on shopping and food!! If you don't already know by my pins..I LOVE food!! I've been having house fever for awhile, I really really want to buy is killing me paying rent (for the past 4 years) I feel as if I'm throwing my money away :( when it could be going to a mortgage payment...

Has anybody ever tried this diet before?? It seems pretty easy..especially since I LOVE fruits and veggies. I'm a skeptic though and don't think you could really lose 10 pounds in 7 days. Doesn't really sound healthy to me either :/ haha Ive been wanting to try it out though..just to see if it really works. lol

I've been having to motivate myself lately with these kinds of pins to hit the gym and just work out. I've never really understood what people meant when they said "i have to get ready for bikini season' since I was always one of those really skinny people that ate a lot...although during and after totally caught up to me!! I put on so much weight and have a hard time losing it and/or keeping it off!! My best friend and I are taking a mini vacation to Maui to the Grand Wailea Hotel. It is beautiful..and I need to get in shape to wear a bikini!!!   :P

BTW..Is anybody else excited that Magic Mike is coming out today?!?! Anybody going to watch it today?? I'm off to round up some girlfriends to check it out this afternoon..Oh the joys of not having school!!


  1. My friends & I want to see Magic Mike so bad!! We are probably going in the next week or two to check it out! I love that No Name Paper Hanger!! I'm going to have to look into making it. :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

    1. hehe..made it out today to watch the movie. All I have to say is that it's so worth the expensive price of tickets :) Enjoy!!

  2. I love the NO Name idea and the finding perimeter and area of spelling words!!! thank you!

  3. I LOVE your area and perimeter spelling words....I will use this next year!

    1. Awesome!! Make sure to do lots of practice with the kids so that they don't get confused when they take it home. You want to be sure that they can totally do it on their own..most parents have NO IDEA how to do this assignment :P which is a good thing since they shouldn't be doing their child's work!! haha. I'm sure you have some of those huh?!

  4. I just found your blog from Lisa and Learning is Something to Treasure. I love the NO NAME paper hanger too! I saw it on Pinterest and I am going to make it for my classroom next year!
    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

  5. I am curious about the diet, too. I had never heard of that one, but it seems real healthy. We should try it together and see what happens.

    Sprinkles to Kindergarten

    I am your newest follower. :)

  6. Great blog, I'm your newest follower. Please check out my blog if you have time. Calling Plays in the 2nd grade.


  7. I can't seem to find the perimeter and area sheet in your store. Can you send the link?