Saturday, April 5, 2014

Five for Friday {Saturday Edition}

Good Morning and Happy Saturday!! I sure am happy it's Saturday..this was an exhausting, yet busy week! 
Today I'm linking up with Doodlebugs Teaching for her Five for Friday!

We've been hard at work researching and taking notes for our big Endangered Species Research Project. The kids are SO Excited and get so upset as they are learning more about why these animals are critically endangered. 

If you're interested, you can find these note taking pages along with the booklet we plan to use to present our final project with in my TpT Store. 

We've also been working on linear measurements this week. Third graders are required to be able to measure object to the nearest one-fourth inch. 
We've been practicing a lot with worksheets and measuring things in the classroom….

BUT what better way to practice measurements than getting outside and having some fun?! 

I invited some 6th graders to come in and teach my class how to make paper airplanes. The kids were so excited and it was also a great way for them to practice their listening skills! 

We then headed out to fly our planes and measure the distance that it traveled! 

If you'd like to try these activities out with your students, you can click on the image below :)
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Also got to take some time out for some fun this week! We got to meet up with some friends from Washington. They're visiting Hawaii so we met them for some Happy Hour :)  She is a second grade teacher…our classes were pen pals last year!

We're also continuing to work on poetry and figurative language. This is always a tough one but fun at the same time. So far, we've covered simile and metaphors, alliteration, idioms, and onomatopoeias.

I'm kicking myself right now because as I'm scrolling through my photos I realized I only took pictures of our alliteration pages!

Landan the Lizard lights a leaf
Marry the monkey makes a monster with a magical science kit

Emmeline the elephant loves to eat eggplants everyday.
Ayven the alligator loves to eat apples any day he sees one.
Jayde the jaguar got a job at the jungle's Jamba Juice.
Pretty Pam made chicken pot pie with pickles and peas. 

We're also did a science experiment today. The kids were so excited learning about the scientific method.

Thats my week in a nutshell! Hope you enjoy your weekend :) I'm off to finish some work I had started throughout the week…and hopefully get a new Facebook Fan Freebie posted for you all sometime this weekend ;)