Saturday, February 25, 2012

Amazing Library Resource

Have you ever wanted to use a book for a lesson but just didn't know if you had it or where it was? That's my problem. I love love love buying books and have collected a good sized library in my two years of teaching. I recently found this AMAZING resource from pinterest.

This fabulous website  lets you use your smart phone to scan the ISBN code (located on the back of books) and will upload all of the information to this website. You can keep track of which books you have, where they are located in your class, and how many copies. It gets even better. Your kiddos can check the books out on the computer. You can decide how many books you will allow students to check out.

The site prints reports too. You can see if students are reading books at their level, what genres they are reading, etc. You can also get your class library evaluated by a book expert based on the age of kids you teach. They will also recommend books to add to your library :)

You can decide what information you would like displayed. I current have title, author, and AR level. This summer my project will be to reorganize my library by genres/book series, etc. Then I will go back and label which basket each book is located in.

I absolutely love the idea of knowing exactly what books I have, how many, who has what, etc. The best thing about it is that it is ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! You can also export your completed library list to excel. I plan on doing this just in case the site gets really popular and decides to charge.

Let me know what you think of this site, and how it works for you :) Happy organizing!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentines Day out there to everyone in bloggy world!! Phew, am I glad this day is over. I am exhausted. Just got home (traffic was crazy) in perfect time as it started to POUR. Only in Hawaii is it extremely sunny yet pouring. Will be relaxing as I finish up planning for the week and watch Glee and New girl :)

Sooo we had an extremely fun day today!! We began by doing some valentine math word problems. We then read this super cute story How Do You Hug a Porcupine  written by Laurie Isop. The kids then went and wrote about and drew how they would hug a porcupine. It came out sooo cute!! During math we had a ton of fun with our candy hearts. We used it to find fractions of a number, graphing, sorting, multiplication arrays, division, and even practiced writing numbers in multiple ways. 

Last but not least we made a gift for our parents. I'll post pictures soon! Hope you all have a wonderful V-day with your loved ones. :)

Did you know...teachers get the most valentine gifts on this special day (heard it on the radio). Yes, we are so lucky we are loved so much!!