Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Promises from the Heart

What kinds of classroom rules do you have in your class?? I was never a fan of the "no kicking, no hitting" types of rules. I've always felt that they were extremely boring, redundant, and totally restricting. If I were a student, I wouldn't want to see an entire paper filled with No this, No that.

Years ago when I was in my first round of student teaching, I had a mentor teacher who had this amazing set of class rules called Promises from the Heart. I'm not sure where she got them from and I don't think they're very known since I didn't come up with anything from a google search.

Anyways, these rules are so adorable and positive! Just like Whole Brain Teaching rules, there really is no way around them. Kids can never say "but it's not in the rules". The rules are actually very simple and go like this:

"I will:
H: Help everyone to have a fun, safe, and successful learning experience
E: Express self control and positive behaviors
A: Actively participate to the best of my abilities
R: Respect everyone and everything
T: Try to be better today than yesterday"

I do use the whole brain teaching rules in my classroom daily, but I also incorporate these. I always find myself telling those extra energetic children "Billy, self control" haha. They can never get around the rule: respect everyone and EVERYTHING! Also, when students get in trouble for anything, I always like to use it to teach them a life lesson. Usually, since I take the time to let each child talk to me about their behavior, they really get it and most times start crying because they are disappointed in themselves or that they let me down. I always bring back to take this and use it for tomorrow to have a better day. This always makes them feel better.

This morning I decided to whip up some posters for these rules. I have this really ugly handwritten one that I'm ashamed to show you and have no idea why I haven't redone them yet?! haha.
Head on over to my TPT store to get your copy of these rules!! Perfect timing for the beginning of the school year!! I hope these can be as successful in your classroom as they are in mine.


  1. I love this idea! I didn't leave a comment yesterday, but I also love the toolbox. I am in the process of getting my supplies together.

    I'm getting married in Maui next summer and coming to your blog always makes me relaxed and excited. I love the color scheme.

    Courtney (the other one)
    3rd Grade Sprinkles

    1. Hey Courtney!
      Congratulation! A wedding in Maui will be absolutely beautiful!! That's actually where I'm from..and my parents are still living there! I'd be glad to help if you have any questions about locations, hotels, or anything regarding the island!! :)

  2. How Clever! I'm stopping by TPT to check this out!
    Thank you
    Where Seconds Count 2nd grade blog