Sunday, June 17, 2012

Daily Schedule Cards and Updated LIbrary Labels

Phew..I've been busy at work today since the boyfriend is not home. I made the choice today to buy a resale license from Thistle Girl Designs. Their graphics are so adorable! Before I got into blogging or TPT, ALL of my school things are done with DJ Inkers. Unfortunately, we cannot use them to resell so today I started converting some of my files using other fonts and clip art. I have a LOT of converting to do..but I guess this will be keeping me busy :)

These are the daily schedule cards I use in my classroom. I actually ended up typing and laminating my times since I didn't like how it looked handwritten. All the times stay the same throughout the week. All I did was laminate my cards then stuck magnets in the back. They have held up for two years and still look great!! Now, I can officially share it with everyone since I invested in that license!!
Here are the cards that I use!! I added some new ones and did different clip arts for morning and lunch recess. If you would like to grab a copy, head over to my TPT store.

Awhile ago, I also shared the library book bin labels that I had created when I was re-organizing my classroom library. I originally had my library organized by AR levels but I found that when my students were book shopping each Monday morning, it was taking way too long. They were searching in their leveled baskets but were having such a hard time finding books that they liked. After talking with my students, we agreed that having our library organized by genre, favorite authors, and chapter series would make it easier for them to shop for books. SO, I spent two WHOLE weekends reorganizing my library. This made book shopping much easier for my students. They quickly went in...looked for the type of book they wanted, checked it out and they were done. I'm so glad I switched over.

These labels come with a total of 32 different labels. If you decide to purchase these and you find that I am missing a category in your library, please let me know and I will be more than happy to create it and send it over to you! This is also in my TPT store, and is discounted until Wednesday!! You may also click on the pictures to be linked directly to my store :)

Last but not least, you all know the drill..the FIRST person to comment this post and tell me which file you would like, gets it for free!! Don't forget to leave your e-mail!!


  1. Super cute! Love the book bin labels!


  2. Hi Courtney! I purchased your book bin labels the other day and am finding that I need a couple additional ones that weren't originally included. Could you contact me at your convenience so I can see if you can create these labels? Thank you!