Thursday, June 21, 2012

SLOWLY getting ready for back to school with a ONE DAY freebie!

I've been getting a little push from all you wonderful bloggers who are already preparing for going to back to school. Here is a parent survey that I use at the beginning of the school year. This usually goes home on the first or second day of school. There are questions regarding the child's weekly schedule, interests, goals that the parents have, areas parents feel are strengths and needs, and some other very informative information. Sometimes its really interesting to see what parents list as their child's strengths and weaknesses...sometime I also have both parents fill them out..and they write completely opposite of what the other wrote :( Anyways, this sheet has proven to be so valuable to me in getting a feel for each of the families as a whole, the child, the parents goals for the child, etc. I usually end up learning all of these things quite quickly, being that we spend most of the day with the children..but it's helpful to find some things out in advance.

This survey will be available for FREE, until Midnight TONIGHT. Please head over to my TPT store to grab a copy of this one day only freebie. All I ask, is that you rate it in my store and give me some feedback..and if you want..please feel free to follow my store and stay tuned for more freebies :)


  1. We love to do a survey at the beginning of the year! We are heading over to check this out right now and are also following you!
    We would love for you to check us out sometime!
    Katie & Lisen

  2. I wasn't able to download it for free. Looks great though. A friend just pointed your Blog out to me today. Thanks for all your hard work!