Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cause and Effect Angry Birds Style!!

So this will be a quick post since I'm extremely tired. I feel as if I have short-term memory loss because I have so many things to do, I can't keep track (I can't even remember items I quickly thought to myself to add to my list!). Anyways..I'm doing cause and effect this week with my kids and saw this really cute anchor chart on pinterest. 

Since I'm not the best artist, I asked my good friend who is subbing as our upper grade counselor (who is on maternity). She gladly agreed to make this beautiful angry birds inspired cause and effect anchor chart! I decided to modify the key words a bit from the pinterest one but if I have to say so myself I think it came out even better than the original (and I didn't think that was even possible!)..She's that good!!
This chart got the kids SO EXCITED, since they ALL play angry birds on their iPads or iPhones (so spoiled these days!). It got some really great conversations and examples going just from the picture itself!

Hope you have a happy Friday!! 

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  1. I'm starting Cause and Effect on Monday and this is SO cute!! Did you draw this yourself? I'm not quite this artistic, but what an amazing idea!

  2. I didn't draw this..I wish I did :P One of my really good girl friends drew it though!! This sparked some amazing conversations!! Have fun!!

  3. This is awesome... My kiddos would love this!! :) I am your newest follower.

  4. Courtney - Is there any way you can scan that in as a JPG and send it to me!? I cannot draw but this so great - my kids would love it!

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    1. Hey Misty,

      I'd love to do this for you...but I'm not sure how?! The paper is too big to fit in a scanner. If you could teach me how, I'd be more than happy to?! :D

  5. Hey Courtney! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog this weekend. I'm so happy you did, so I could return the favor. I'm a follower now! Your blog is absolutely adorable. The flip flops make me anxious for summer vacation. :-) I'm also lovin' the angry birds poster on cause/effect. My kids will TOTALLY be able to relate.
    Hope you were able to enter the giveaway and/or grab some freebies! Take care and don't be a stranger! Michelle

  6. Love the your blog design! They just did mine a few weeks ago.
    I have to tell you, my little sister found the cause & effect on Pinterest and her kids loved it! So now I am making it for my class this week! Thanks for sharing.

    Ms.Smarty Pants

  7. Hi!! I am your newest follower! I love the angry bird chart! Such a clever idea.


  8. OMG, this is the cutest chart!! I love it!!! I found your blog through Surfin' Through Second Grade. I'm your newest follower. I'm sure excited to find the both of you because we're moving to Oahu in Dec. It'll be nice to follow some Hawai'i teachers as we get ready for the big move!

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  9. Hi! I'm the originator of this poster:). I drew it with the kids and they did love it! Your friend did a beautiful job on recreating it!