Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Break Recap and some Freebies

I can't believe how quickly Spring Break has come and gone. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get started on report cards as I had hoped. My mom flew in from Maui for a short stay since she was on break too (she is a pre-school teacher). We did a TON of shopping. My brother is getting married in May so we took her around to find an outfit to wear to the wedding. We completely decked her out with blinded out earrings and a necklace that matches her blingy (yet elegant) jacket. It's safe to say that I am completely shopped out. It was nice to spend some quality time with my mom. My boyfriend is the sweetest and treated us to a spa day at Heaven on Earth Salon. It was so nice and relaxing!! 
I did manage to get some partying socializing in :) The day school (and after school tutoring) let out for break I went out for some very much needed happy hour drinks with some lovely ladies from school. We had such a good time enjoying each others company, having some good food and drinks that we surprised ourselves and stayed out till 1 am! I also met up with my future sister-in law's sister to plan a surprise bridal shower. I'm very excited but this is the first shower I'm throwing!! If any of you have any ideas or advice..I would LOVE some help :)

Anyways, since break is just about done and I feel guilty for not starting/finishing report cards I needed to get at least some work done. I created my morning math work for the remaining two weeks of march. There are three problems that the students work on for each day. The problems are all review on math concepts previously covered such as multiplication, addition, place value, division, subtraction, elapsed time, etc.  Below is your copy, if you want it! Just click on the picture and it's yours!

Awhile back I posted about this awesome website that organizes your entire classroom library. All you do is scan the ISBN code using your smart phone (or you could manually enter it on your computer). Students can then check out the books. {CLICK HERE} to check my post out about this site!
Here's what the site looks like. It's pretty easy to use as well. Click Here to link up to the site.
Since I have inputted all of my books I wanted to reorganize my library as well. The site allows you to even specify where your book is located (basket k, or chapter series: amber brown). My library is currently organized by AR levels but I wanted to change it up and go it by genre, chapter series and favorite authors. My library isn't anywhere near the size I would like it to be so I don't have too many full chapter series yet. Today, I've been working hard on making labels for my library bins. 
If you have an extensive library, this may be missing some titles or series that you may need. Feel free to grab a copy here. If you would like me to add something to this, please leave a comment and I'd be more than happy to make it and send to you! Also, if you decide to grab a copy..please leave me a comment :) I'd like to know all my hard work can be put to used by somebody else as well. Enjoy!!

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