Saturday, March 24, 2012


So I woke up early this morning to hit up a garage sale all the way out in Hawaii Kai!! I know that I'm on a hunt for books since this lady is a teacher. When I get there I find out that she is also a third grade teacher!! She had about 6 boxes full of box. I walked away with a HUGE bag of about 30+ chapter/picture books for $14. Talk about deals!! I also got suckered into buying a class set of brand new clipboards for only $10!! I was so excited!

THEN, things get even better!! I head back to town and see a sale in an apartment on the same street that I live on. My BF doesn't want to go because it looks a little 'ghetto' but I decide we should just look. BOY am I happy I did. I scored hard cover picture books (tons of new Dr. Seuss books) 2 for 25 cents!! Can you believe that?? I also walked away with a few chapter books that were in great condition!! I got 15 books for $1.75. Boy am I one happy teacher...Only a teacher would understand this joy of buying books :)

Well it's almost 6:00 here and I have really got to get some work done. I was planning on using this day to plan, grade, and begin report cards but that hasn't happened. I've only managed to finish a book and take a nap :/ Better get going before the BF finishes work. We're off for a late date night (which is why I needed to take a nap!) to watch 21 JumpStreet.

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  1. I love finding books! My kids get so excited when I come in with new books too!

    Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

  2. This sounds like my kind of day! I'm drooling of your book finds! LOL

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by my Titanic blog post!

    Your blog is adorable, and I LOVE the Angry Birds poster! How cool! I'm not much of an artist myself, so I totally relate! Thanks for sharing!

    Primary Junction