Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Ocean Themed Class


Yay. It's Thursday and only 5 days till spring break!! I am totally ready for break and have some big plans to clean and organize my house, my class and hopefully create some awesome things for the kiddos when they return from break. This group of kids I have are tough!! They are extremely low and all the things I think will work or have worked in the past..don't work for some of these kids. It amazes me how behind some of them are :(

Anywayyys I wanted to share a few pictures of my beach/ocean themed classroom. I uploaded a pic to my pinterest account of one of my bulletin boards and it started spreading really quickly. Soo if you're already planning ahead for next year here's some ideas :)

This is Behavior Beach. My red, yellow, green light behavior system. The red and blue rings hanging are my bathroom passes. They are supposed to resemble the lifeguard ring thingies :D Since the kids are now in third, I let them know that I trust them and they are independent. They are allowed to use the bathroom at any time (other than teaching/learning time). All they need to do is put the pass on their desk so I know where they are. 

This is a view of my class from the doorway

Our schedule which looks pretty ghetto :P It bothered me that the times were handwritten so I made laminated cards with the time on it 

This is in our library "Reader's Reef". Displays all different type of genres and descriptions from the awesome Beth Newingham. If you haven't seen her site NEED to check it out.

Unfortunately these are all of the pictures I have right now. If you can see to the right of this last bulletin board you see some fishing net. Its a net hanging and the board reads "Fishing for a good book?!" The background resembles the same board as the readers reef with fish, sand and coral. The kids make book recommendation on fish cutouts, they color, I laminate and then we put it up into the net. Other children can get book ideas if they're ever at a loss for what to read. 

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  1. Hey Courtney! I also have a nautical theme in my classroom this year. Check it out!

    I am your newest follower. :)