Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Summarizing Breakthrough!! and Touched by TTCT project!!

Really, is it only Tuesday?! Monday (our first day back from break) FLEW by. My kids and I both could not believe how quickly the day had gone. Unfortunately, today seemed to drag on quite awhile :/ BUT with that long seeming day we had a breakthrough!! My students have finally got down SUMMARIZING!. I don't know about the rest of you but this is always so difficult! I get summaries that go on and on and on, contain all the tiniest details and have a billion ANDS. Today I was so proud of them I wanted to jump and scream for joy!

For those of you who are familiar with thinking maps, I had the students use a flow map to draw pictures in sequential order.Before drawing though, we talked about what it meant to summarize. Since we read the Lorax for Dr. Seuss day and most of the kids watched it over break we used the movie for an example. Since it was break some of the kids got to go with their friends. When they went home their parents asked "how was the movie?". I asked students if it took an hour 45 min to retell the movie? They laughed. We talked about how a summary is short version of the story with only the MOST important events (in your own words of course). They were then asked to think of 5 pictures to draw that will show the most important things that happened in the story (in order). Of course they were thrilled to do this!!

Sorry for the poor quality. I'm using my phone. Also, I didn't realize how small these boxes would be for the kiddos to draw in :/ 

Part 2 of the flow map.

After picture drawing was done I then had them write a sentence that would tell about the picture. Then they go onto their next picture. Their summaries turned out amazing, I was so proud of them!! This dear boy has struggled since second grade in re-telling stories. He doesn't answer when asked orally, and his mother has come in multiple times distraught because she doesn't know how to help him. He is one of those kids that write: He planted a garden because he planted a garden he wanted to plant a garden because it was nice. Can't wait to send this one home to mom!! 
I also gave them the option of doing their flow maps in their notebook since Miss Mizufuka made the boxes too small :/ 
The best thing about it is that they now LOVE doing summaries (especially since it involves drawing!!) 

Okay. I know that this post is getting long but I just had to share. For those of you taking part of the Teachers Taking Care of Teachers Project I was wondering what you all were doing?? I decided to share the project with my students. I told them about what was happening and some of the kids wanted to cry! Today kids came in with their own books to donate. We made cute little labels to put in the inside of books. I also had a parent that came by to drop of TON of supplies: books, pens, pencils, glue, crayons, etc. She also insisted on helping out with shipping costs!! How sweet.
I was so touched with how generous the kids and families were with this reaching out project. This whole lot came from only 4 students (and a few of my shopping add-ins)

The rest are bringing more in tomorrow. I have decided that we are actually going to adopt two classes, since our original class no longer needs any supplies. (I had already went on a crazy spree of buying post-its, pens, highlighters, sharpes, staplers, etc to donate).

Alright, I'm done. Promise. For anyone that is still here reading..THanks!!


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