Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fab. Five for Friday (a day late) so a Freebie to Make it Up.

I'm about to head out the door in just a bit to go and work some more in my classroom, so this will have to be a quick post! On to my late fab five and a freebie at the end to make it up to you!

I absolutely love all of the super cute ways to do a save the date! Perfect for those of you who are getting married!! I'm currently waiting for my rock ;) haha

This seems easy enough to do each morning..especially if you will look like that girl in that picture..totally worth it, right?!

I'm loving all of these fabulous tutorials from all of the great Bloggers. It's such a help to newbies, like myself! Thanks Angella!!

Source: via Courtney on Pinterest

This is such a cute wedding/bridal shower gift. You can give them 5 bottles of wine each with a poem for firsts: champagne for first married night, red wine for first fight, white wine for first Christmas eve, Rose for first anniversary and sparkling apple juice cider for first baby! You can also add the glasses too!

Also loving this! This is like a box top piggy can just leave on your desk and kids can deposit when they bring them to school!! Such a great idea. 

This is my freebie

I use these home lunch tags with my attendance chart. I love these OWL attendance cards, they are so simple.

The cards are double sided- if a student is absent they have an empty nest..if they are present the nest has an owl who is ready to learn! I wish they had cuter cards that matched my theme, but I continue to use these year after year since they serve the purpose I need and are fairly cheap year to year. All my kids do is stick their home lunch tag into their pocket and the attendance monitor can easily complete their job. 

You can pick up my free home lunch tags at my TPT Store. All I ask is that you leave some feedback and/or a comment telling me about your attendance taking procedures..I'd love to hear how attendance is done in your room! 

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  1. Awesome post! I love the box tops and am definitely repinning that. What a great idea. Also love the save the date ideas. It's nice to see so many in one picture. Thanks for sharing these :)

    Reaching for the TOP!