Monday, July 9, 2012

Book Label FREEBIE and Some Class Set Up Tips!

Some of you have just started your summers and have a relaxing break ahead of you. Unfortunately, I officially got my Welcome Back to School letter from my Principal in the mail this past Saturday..which means my summer is coming to an end. I return back to school in less than 2 weeks. I have a ton of work to do in my classroom as well as a to of planning. I keep thinking to myself..why have I wasted so much precious time?! Just long do you have for your summer break?? I remember as a kid having 3 months off..but here in Hawaii, is just about 2 months. 

Oddly, the post that I posted yesterday showed up really funky! Did it for you?? A lot of my text didn't show up. Anyways, if you were able to read my post..I promised book label freebies. For those of you who have purchased my library book bin labels:

I have created individual labels to put on each book in your library, so that your students know exactly which bin to return their books. I'm very anal about my class library and can't stand when books are misplaced. This is a free word document in my TPT Store. For the labels I used the Clear Easy Peel Address Labels (1" x 2 5/8") by Avery. They are way pricier than the standard white labels..but I like how they look better. They also have 2 boxtops on I'm planning on turning in my receipt for these with my box top money!
This is a word file so that you can type up your own titles. I left out a few of the picture book series and  favorite authors since I didn't print those for my library. 
Avery Easy Peel Clear Address Labels 5660 Packaging Image 

In my post yesterday, I shared a few pictures of my classroom..and the huge mess in it. I am nowhere near done setting up, and have really got to step on it! Anyways  I discovered some awesome tools that came in handy while setting up this year. 

First one was: 

These SOS Brillo pads are AMAZING! Be careful though, because you can't use them on all surfaces. I posted a picture yesterday of the paper organizer that has been in my room since my first year in my class. It is disgustingly filthy (actually everything was when I first moved in). My boyfriend had painted all of my shelves white again but this organizer stayed dirty looking since it is extremely heavy and we couldn't carry it outside. I had tried scrubbing, and scrubbing year after year and it wouldn't' come clean. Finally, this year my mom bought some brillo pads and it looks completely new (well, compared to before)

This sure was a workout scrubbing all of this. I went crazy with these and scrubbed down all of my desks and cubbies as well. It actually makes cleaning kind of fun! Wait, did I just say that?! haha 

Another awesome tools is:

This magnetic Staple Remover. It works wayyy better than those pinch removers. Plus, the staples don't fall to the ground (and you don't have to pick them all up!) they just stick to the remover. So cool! It's also way easier and doesn't tear anything.

I don't know about you but I go crazy with my stapler and have staples all over the place. I even staple on my door, cabinets, everything I can get a staple into. I have an extremely hard time getting staples out of wood. I user this remover to loosen the staple but a lot of times one side ends up sticking up (poking me) and being really hard to take out...SO:

 All you need is a handy dandy set up pliers. The staples come out SO EASY and quickly!! 

I also bought these magnetic circles. I've been making new signs for my whiteboard as well as adding the borders to my white board. I found these little magnetic coins at my local teacher supply store:
I love them so much more than the magnetic tape. I feel like the magnetic tape rolls don't stay on very well. This is my new fav.

Well that's it for now. I'm off to the dentist :/ Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck at the dentist!! Thanks for the labels. I was just thinking that I need to do that with my books & here's your post. :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. Love the magnetic staple remover! Enjoy your last few weeks of summer Courtney!
    2B Honey Bunch
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  3. I need one of those staple removers- you are the third person this week who has talked about them! (And the first 2 were in "real" life!

    I'm hosting a link party today and would love if you would stop by. We're talking about favorite iPad/iPod apps in the classroom! Polka Dots and Teaching Tots