Friday, May 3, 2013

M.I.A from BlogWorld= New Home, New baby, State Testing, and End of Year Duties....

Hello to all of you out there in blog land...and to whoever is still following/reading this little blog of mine. I sure have been MIA for awhile, but I promise it is for good reason (or at least I think it is) haha. 

I've been talking quite awhile about the fiance and I searching for a new home...well we have finally moved into our brand spankin new home!! It is a 3 bed, 2 bath townhouse with a single car garage out in Kapolei, HI. It is quite a drive, but I'm not complaining..I'm living in MY house!! (still sounds weird to say!) It is quite different out here as opposed to living in town...I really am enjoying the quietness out here and the 'small town, slow paced feel'. The lifestyle out here reminds me a little more of where I grew up, back in Maui. 

It has been crazy hectic packing and moving during the school year. I haven't really taken any time off (just one day the weekend we moved) because state testing is coming up...and I really don't want to leave my kids to a sub when there is so much to be done. SO..that means in between I need to find time to unpack and clean and stuff like that. I'd like to share a few pictures with you. Please don't mind the poor quality of photos because I'm using my iphone. Couldn't find my camera if my life depended on it. (Half of my house is still in boxes..please don't judge!) 

This is our kitchen..with all of our 'kitchen stuff'

Living Room/Dining Room

My very own craft room/office. Super excited about this room!

pretty and new washer and dryer

His and her sinks...master bathroom

master bedroom

Walk in Closet

Hubby getting ready to paint our master

Master bath

Furniture being delivered (I snapped a photo as they guys were grabbing our other piece) :D

Hubby installing ceiling fan (It is HOT out here)

New entertainment stand

Living room the day it was delivered...and my future in-laws

In between unpacking I had to set up a temporary office space underneath the kitchen island to prep for Monday.


Wet bar housewarming gift

I'll get more pictures up as soon as I find my camera....

Onto some other exciting news...We adopted a new fur baby!!
The boy and I are both major doggy lovers. We've been looking forward to being able to finally have a dog in our new home..but both agreed that we would get all settled in the house before we looked. of my students told me about PETCO near our new house that has dogs from the humane society each week. SO...hubby couldn't help himself and while I was at work one day..he went out to 'just look'. He fell in love with this cutie pie.....

As he was on his way to work (and I on my way home) he calls me and tells me about this dog he fell in love with..and he regrets not adopting her and how he knows its the perfect dog for us. Without seeing her, I trusted his word and went to go and adopt her. Evidently, she had already left PETCO and was on her way back to the Humane Society (which was in the direction I was in, 30 min. ago). He made me turn around...I made it to the Humane Society with literally 1 minute to spare before they closed the doors. I was able to adopt her and take her home.

She is the sweetest cutest little girl and we have both fallen so much in love with her. She loves to be babied, and likes to be carried like a baby..she even sits like one with her bottom on my lap and back against my body. 

This picture if of her after her very first bath. Instead of shaking the water out like most normal dogs..she wanted to be picked up and wrapped in a towel. I put her in my lap and dry her off like a child (this is what I was talking she likes to sit).

AND..this little baby does NOT like it when she is left alone. She always finds a way to escape from the baby gates we bought to keep her in the kitchen area. One day we came home...and she had chewed a hole in the brand new carpet. I was VERY MAD at she got put on time out. 

She was so sad. I shared this story with my students, and they asked me..did she write that?? 
I told them "Yes, she did". They were impressed and said "WoW!!! That's pretty good she can should enter her into America's got Talent!". HAHA. I was cracking up inside. It's so adorable how innocent they are. Kiani (our doggie) also got into my school bag and chewed up some of the kiddos' homework. I told them and they thought it was totally awesome. They again asked..."Did she write another note when she was on time out?!" :)

Alright..that's all for today. I'll be posting more pictures of the new home later if anyone is interested in that.and tomorrow I'm thinking of linking up to share more of what we've been doing in the classroom. 

Till tomorrow...


  1. How exciting to have your first home! Funny dog story. There is always a learning period with a new dog. Good luck!


  2. AHHH...yes, we need to TALK! Email me please:)

    Tonya’s Treats for Teachers

  3. Congrats on your new house! We also just moved a few weeks ago onto the Marine Base on Kaneohe. I didn't take any time off work, and I don't know when this house is going to get unpacked. We've gotten the bare minimum done but there's still boxes everywhere. I'm guessing it's just going to wait until summer break.

    Extra Special Teaching

    1. Thanks Angelia!!!
      , yes...unpacking during summer sounds like what I'll be doing too. I made myself pack at least 1-2 boxes a day in the important living areas like the living room and bedroom. That worked pretty good...except for those hidden rooms (they're a disaster!) haha.

  4. I just started following your blog, your new dog is so precious! I have a yellow lab and keep "Daisy's mailbox" in my classroom. My 2nd graders love to write her notes! I write them back on special paper and in cursive, and I can't believe how tickled they are to get a 'real' letter from her lol! Congrats on your new home!

    1. Awww, that is such a cute and great idea about having a mailbox!! Told my mom about this (also a teacher) she totally wants to do this :) They must also think you have the most talented dog ever :P