Monday, February 18, 2013

5 for Five- Week 8

Happy Monday, Everyone!! I sure hope those of you who have the day off, are enjoying it..I sure know I am. I took the opportunity to sleep in this morning..just finished my breakfast and decided to make my blog post for my weekly 5 for Five. For those of you who are new to this, every Monday I link up to Jenn and Jessica to plan out 5 goals that I hope strive to accomplish in the next 5 days. The following Monday, I'll look back at my goals and reflect on how well I did, then set new goals. Sounds great doesn't iT?! If you aren't already linking up with them, you totally need to!!
As a reminder, Green will be used for goals that were accomplished Red will be used for the goals that were not happenin, and Orange was an in between accomplishment :)

Let's see how I did...
1. Clean my house/gather things for garage sale next weekend
Unfortunately, the cleaning did NOT happen (if anything it got messier Yikes!) BUT I did happen to go through and collect quite a bit of things for my upcoming garage sale...
2. Plan for the following week
I'll be going into school today to get this upcoming week planned. Valentine's day totally kicked me in the butt this year :/
3. Blog 3 times this week (I have been majorly slacking on this)
2 out of 3..not bad
4. Begin working on fixing up my morning math units
Again, last week was crazy..still didn't happen
5. Do NOT press the snooze button OR lay in bed looking at instagram/pinterest.
Yay!! My one success of the week!! Man..I totally need to make this one a habit because it saved me so much time and I got to work on time (for me it's 5:45am) and had enough time to get all my things done in the morning. 

Alright...onto my new goals....
1. Get at least 7 hours of sleep a night!
I'm going into week 3 of being sick and I desperately need to get better. I haven't been getting enough sleep that my body so badly needs to recover. This week, I will make sure that I get at least 7 hours a night and hopefully kick this cold for good!
2. No Pinterest/instagram/snooze button in the mornings
3. Go on a walk every night after dinner.
This is something the hubby and I have decided on doing. This gives us time to digest/work off the food we've eaten, enjoy some fresh air, and have some time alone to talk about our days or just stuff without the distraction of any electronics (tv, ipad, computer) We actually started that this past weekend and we've both been totally loving it. :)
4.Clean the house
5. Plan for next week.
AND a bonus goal which is to make at least $100 at my garage sale on Sat. (more would be fantastic but I'm shooting for an achievable goal :)
Enjoy the rest of your Monday off, I'm off to school to get prepared for the week and then the hubby and I are going to do some furniture shopping for our future home. We should be getting the keys at the ending of March or Early April..So excited! I'll be posting pictures soon...

PS: I'll also be starting a new series of posts beginning this Friday. I used to do my fab. 5 for Friday which were my top five pinterest finds for the week but the name ended up getting taken over by another linky party out there in blogland AND I've been majorly slacking on it too...SO my Friday posts will be dedicated to something that I know should be able to keep up with since it's something that I'm usually pretty up to date with..If you're into fashion, definitely come back on Friday to check this out!! :)


  1. I need to get more sleep too! I feel like I say that all the time, but it rarely happens. Same with the snooze button in the morning. I've heard that you'd actually feel better if you got up the first time your alarm went off instead of hitting snooze a few times. I always think of that... as I continue to hit the snooze button hah!

  2. I am totally a snoozer AND Pinterest and Facebook checker before I get out of bed. Terrible!! I need to make that goal too.
    ideas by jivey

  3. Can't wait to see what you have planned for Friday!
    Teaching With Style