Saturday, May 4, 2013

Five for Friday (a day late)...

Alright guys, I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for my very first Five for Friday link up.
For anyone who's been previously following my blog...Friday's were previously designated for my Fab.Five finds from Pinterest for the week..but I figure I'd switch it up since I haven't shared much going on in my classroom recently.


We had our talent show this week. I was completely amazed at all the talented students we had at our school. This is one of my students, she teamed up with two little girls in second grade and they sang a few songs from My Little Pony. They were soo adorable, and sounded REALLY good!

 We also hosted a Mystery Reader this week. This sweet girl's mother works at  my school as a fifth grade teacher. She read the cutest book, What Do Teachers Do After You Leave School....if you've never read it aloud to your's a must!
She's wearing a beautiful lei because May 1st in Hawaii is also known as Lei Day :) 

My sister in law's sister is a pharmacist. She came to speak to my students about her job for career day. 

We have also been busy working on measurement. We borrowed some fifth grade students from our Mystery Readers classroom. Her students came and taught my students how to make a paper airplane. We then spent the day outside, flying our planes and measuring the distance traveled. 

Last but not least..this week we had a GANBATTE Rally to cheer our students on for state testing. 
Ganbatte is a Japanese word that means do your best/try your best. The kids made Ganbatte hats, pom poms and all of the third grade classes lined up in a big circle to cheer each other on. Another third grade teacher had wrote a chant with some former grade 3 teachers that all the kids chanted aloud while she was keeping the beat with a big drum. 

Written by Dawn Kadota, Linda Kelly

We'll do our best
We are prepared to pass the test

Pearl Harbor School
We'll show the state that THIRD GRADERS RULE!

Ganbatte, Ganbatte, Ganbatte

It was so adorable. They were so excited and really did a good job at cheering them on. Some fifth grade and second grade classrooms also came out to support and cheer them on. 

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