Friday, September 28, 2012

Yay! Fall Break and Fab. Five

WOOHOO! It is finally here! I thought I would never make it to today..Fall break. This means that I have 10 days to sleep in, relax, and catch up on the work I have fallen behind on.. including blogging :)

I'll leave you with my fab. five for today :D  (sorry for the excessive use of happy faces..I just can't stop smiling!!)

I had to laugh at this pin because I often get so caught up in organizing and setting up for the year I almost think that I think this! lol Too bad my organization gets lost in all my crazy piles :/ Yes, I admit it..I'm a piler!!

 I love this adorable sign! Totally having this at MY wedding :)

Yes!! I feel that teachers are too often needing to defend their jobs...

This is so cute, I definitely need to do this!! If you can't see..the apple says "An apple for the teacher is really nothing new, except when you remember parents are teachers too."

 Ah! I just can't help it with the Christmas pins!!This was just too adorable.

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