Friday, September 7, 2012

September's Currently

Seriously?! September already?? Geez..time sure is flying!!

Okay....So I recently got back from a quick trip to California for my cousin's wedding. It was so beautiful. For those of you who know California, it was at the Redondo Beach Historic Library. 
While we were there..we checked out this really YUMMY Restaurant in K-town (Korea Town). My brother used to work with the owner when he lived in Hawaii. It's called The Dragon and its a fusion of korean and chinese foods. Basically you have all of your chinese basics but there is some korean spice added to most dishes. SO GOOD..Best Chinese food I've probably ever tasted.

Anyways, my family loves to have a good time and enjoy some alcoholic beverages in the process :) SO At our family dinner my brother introduced everyone to the SEOUL TRAIN. It's similar to a sake bomb...There is one part of soju, and a teensy bit of beer. You drop the soju into the beer then drink it all up.  Here's a video of our Seoul Train at our family dinner (with 20 people) My 86 year old Grandma and 91 year old Grandpa also enjoyed their drink) :D 
This led me to watching the youtube show that this concoction originated from, which is called K-town. It's basically a Jersey Shore but with asians. It's also produced by Tyrese. I barely have time to do all the things off of my to-do list..but I just couldn't help myself. I just love myself some drama (from other people's lives) hehe :D

My other new favorite thing is that I have recently discovered wholesale clothing websites. Basically it's really cheap clothing (the original cost) before crazy mark-ups from our most beloved clothing's so fun and addicting to look at all of the super cute clothes. I haven't brought myself to ordering from any of them yet because I still can't get over the super cheap prices..and I know that I will go crazy. Plus, shipping is quite pricy so I need to take the time to pick through the items I really want and make sure I only have to pay for shipping once :)

I apologize for my lack of blogging and not having a fab. five this week. I've been slacking on pinterest and trying to stay afloat. I have so many things going on..hope to be back soon :D


  1. What wholesale clothing store? I'll have to google these... you have perked my interest. :) Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. It's hard finding cute shoes that are comfy all day. When I do I get multiple colors, too. Though I can't say I've ever done one of both ... that's pretty awesome. ;]