Thursday, June 16, 2016

Organization Tips

Aloha Everyone! 

Today I'm here to talk about organization. I know that many of you are officially on  your summer break, but what better time than now to plan ahead!

When I get my classroom ready I want it to be a visually appealing space as well as an organized space. I try to set up organization systems over the summer that will help me to tame the clutter that happens throughout the day/week/months. When we're busy teaching, we do NOT have time to be tidying up our rooms. Heck! Sometimes I'm so exhausted after the day is done, I can't muster up the energy to even clean up. :/

In my classroom, I like to have everything labeled and organization systems in place where my students can easily help to tidy things up and/or know exactly where things belong. 

Here are a few of my favorite organization systems I use in my classroom. 

I LOVE these supply drawers. This cut down on the amount of random crayons, colored pencils and markers I would find on the floor everyday after school. It also cut down on the "I found this crayon but I don't know who it belongs to…what should I do with it?" questions. LOL

To the left is where I store all of my math centers. I have the drawers labeled by skill. When the students are done with the games- they know exactly where to return them. 

To the right is where I store all of my copies for the week. Towards the bottom is also where student reading logs, spelling contracts, boggle boards, and daily 5 checklists can be found. I usually just make a bunch of extra copies and students pick them up from the drawers. 

These drawers are used to store ALL of my task cards. I love how neat and uniformed it all looks…and that the cards are all neatly hidden away :) 

Thanks for stopping by today! 

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