Sunday, April 17, 2016

Pinterest-Approved Recipe Link-Up

Good Morning and Happy Sunday Friends!
I am so excited to be bringing you the first {of which we hope there are many more}

AngeliaTonya, and Nicole are my go-to girls for questions about teaching, blogging, TpT, and  life in general. Just like you, we are all busy teachers who are trying our best to juggle work, home life and keeping up with our families. One of the things that we often find ourselves sharing amongst each other are quick, easy, and delicious recipes. 

Pinterest is a great source to find yummy recipes, but there are so many out there. When we get home from a busy day at work, we want to make sure we are feeding our families a GOOD meal. 
Aint' nobody got time for a Pinterest recipe fail!  

On the 3rd Sunday of every month, we will be hosting our Pinterest-Approved Recipe Link-up!! 
We will share our favorite, *successful* Pinterest recipes that we've done in the past or throughout the month and we hope that you will share yours too!! 
The rules for this link-up are simple:
Without further ado, I will be sharing 2 of my favorite recipes (that were a success on the first try) that I found from Pinterest. For convenience, I am linking you straight to the source that the recipe came from rather than to my Pinterest board. Enjoy!
One of my all time favorite pasta recipes is this Spicy Sausage Pasta that I found over at Kevin & Amanda's. This recipe is so SIMPLE to make and only takes 30 minutes (or less) from start to finish. The best thing is that you only have one pot for clean up! #jackpot 

This is the perfect recipe for a busy weeknight {or for one of those days that got you feeling like you were run over by a bus} lol. The ingredients are pretty basic pantry staples (except for maybe the heavy cream). I always like to buy sausage when its on sale and freeze them for when I need them in a crunch. 

My husband and I both LOVE all things spicy. The pasta has a good kick as is, but I like to kick it up a notch by using this sausage instead of the smoked turkey sausage. These sausages are sooo yummy {and cheesy}!! 
This next recipe is much healthier than the first. 
You can find the directions for this Quinoa Salad over at Cherished Bliss.

My husband does not like Quinoa but he does like this salad…so much that he will ask for me to make it. The reason I like this recipe is because it is so simple to toss together. I know that some people cook their quinoa on the stove, but I just throw mine into a rice cooker for ease. Not only is this a simple recipe but you could actually serve it as a breakfast, lunch, or dinner item. 

For breakfast I like to add this salad and some scrambled eggs to a tortilla to make a breakfast burrito (this is the hubbys fav.) You could also just scramble eggs and eat this on the side.

For both lunch and dinner, you could eat this salad as is or add it to some lettuce. We also sometimes do tacos and eat this as a side. 

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Our next link-up will be on May 15, and we hope you come back to find some new recipes and link up your new favorites. 

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  1. My family loves the Spicy Sausage Pasta, too! So yummy!

  2. What a great idea to put quinoa in your rice cooker! I'll have to try that!

  3. These dishes look yummy!! What a fun link up!

  4. I really need to try and make this! It looks delish!

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