Saturday, April 2, 2016

April Currently

I swear, the older I get…the quicker time seems to fly! I really need time to slow down…because I am NOT ready to turn 30 next year :( 
Anyways, today I'm linking up with the fab. Farley for this month's Currently! 
Listening: Decided to leave the tv off this morning, so I won't get distracted! I have big plans of being productive today…
Loving: That it is the weekend! I have so many things to get done, and there just isn't enough time during the weekdays.
Thinking: About getting a head start on all the blog post ideas I have swirling in my head. Tons of new things coming in the near future…….and a surprise new-link up that will go live later this month ;) 
Be sure to check back! You won't want to miss it!!
Wanting: To do a house swap. I always see others post such beautiful photos on Instagram of the snow, countryside, city-living and everything else in between. This little island girl wants to experience it all. One day, I would LOVE love LOVe to do a house swap with someone! 
I've only really been to the West coast…nowhere else :/ 
Needing: To get my office cleaned up and running. When I moved out of my classroom last school year, it became a storage space. It is so cluttered and I need to get it cleaned up so I can use it for a workspace. My poor husband has to deal with all my work stuff taking over the countertops and dining table #thestruggleisreal
Whatever: Totally looking forward to our vacation to San Francisco and Napa at the ending of March. 
For those of you who have been (or live there) where are your favorite places to eat and what wineries do you recommend?! 
Head on over to link up with Farley and drop a line here! I'd love to head over and read your Currently!! 


  1. I love San Francisco, but I haven't been there in over 20 years. I definitely want to go back. I had heard that Sonoma is great as well. I hope you have a great vacation.

  2. Vacation!! That sounds like so much fun. Enjoy!!

  3. I would definitely trade houses sometime! Especially in the winter. I get so sick of the snow up here in New England!! Have fun in San Francisco!! :) Crystal
    Crystal Clear Teaching

  4. I've never been to SF or Napa. It sure sounds like a nice place to visit though. My office is in a perpetual state of needing to clean and organize. I don't know that it ever gets totally done. Good luck with that.

  5. How does Texas sound?! I would KILL for a house swap with you! I live about 20 minutes from Six Flags, The Ballpark in Arlington, and Cowboy stadium. I have only been lucky enough to go to Hawaii once in my life. One day I WILL be back! (We went to Maui - loved it!)
    I see your pics on Instagram all the time and wonder what it must be like to live in Paradise!
    Also - clean that office another day! It'll still be there!!
    Thanks for sharing your Currently!
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  6. I am excited to hear about your blog posts! I need to do something to be more consistent! Yikes I am bad at that! Just bookmarked your blog to make sure I check back!

    Hope you have a great week!
    Lessons With Coffee 

  7. I'm with you with thinking about future blog posts...just had a great idea that I can't wait to put in motion!