Saturday, April 11, 2015

Five for Friday

Happy Saturday, Friends!

I'm back again this week to link up with Doodlebugs Teaching for another:

This week we were finishing up our learning on Data Analysis. In 3rd grade, students are required to   create their own pictographs and bar graphs and be able to analyze their data as well. practice this skill students were put into groups. With their partners they were required to generate a question they wanted to collect data on. For homework, they went home and conducted their surveys. The next day in school, they organized their data then created a bar graph and pictograph to represent the data collected. They then generated questions that other students would need to answer in regards to their graphs. 

Some of the graphs included these topics: Favorite fun thing to do, favorite pizza topping, favorite NFL team, favorite sport, favorite gaming system, favorite flower, favorite color, and favorite food.

Once all of the posters were done I went and hung/posted them all throughout our classroom. I announced to the students that we would be playing Musical Math Mania!! They were sooo excited but had no clue what the game even was! LOL. 

I played some music and they would boogie around the room. As soon as the music stopped they needed to quickly get to the nearest poster and start analyzing the data! They recorded the answers to the questions on their posters in their math notebooks. When the music started again, they would be able to boogie around the room again until the music stopped.

They LOVED this game and got a lot of really great practice in and didn't even realize it!

We started working on contractions this week. The students had so much fun working on this center, I decided to give it a facelift and add to my TPT store. 

I've also decided to put it on sale for only $2.00 for the rest of this weekend! 

 This week we also started learning about fractions.
 I did an introductory lesson to fractions using Whole Brain Teaching for my observation. I think it went pretty well. We spent some time discussing what fractions were, looked at examples, talked about fraction examples and non-examples then did a quick assessment on our learning using these task cards 

All 28 of my students demonstrated complete understanding after our introductory lesson! 

Whole Brain Teaching has truly transformed my teaching…. If you have never heard of WBT, definitely check it out!! There are even opportunities for FREE WBT conferences here!

Here is an awesome video of the fabulous Farrah Shipley teaching fractions to Kindergartners!! 


Once the kids got down fraction of a whole, we moved on to fraction of a set. We called up on some students to the front of the room and started identifying fractions. 1/4 of the students are girls, 3/4 of the students are boys, etc. I then had the kids draw themselves and had them add as much details as possible. They put themselves onto their poster boards then wrote fraction sentences about their groups! 

I hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. Love your clothesline! Also, Whole Brain Teaching just makes things so fun! I try to incorporate it in our concept portion of lessons as much as possible, since Kinders LOVE to move! :)