Monday, November 4, 2013

What's Your Schedule Linky

I've been completely MIA from the blog scene for awhile, but I'm back and going strong with 2 posts in 2 days! As I was catching up with some of my favorite bloggers yesterday, I stumbled upon a new and fun linky party that I couldn't pass up. Today I'm linking up with Susan from TGIF (Thank God It's First Grade for her What's Your Schedule? Linky

I love seeing other peoples schedules and how their day is structured. Here's a peek at my daily schedule!

This schedule is a bit hard for students to read and keep track of, so this is mainly for my use and the main office. To keep my students in the loop of our daily routine, I have our schedule posted on our front whiteboard. 

I've been using these schedule cards for the past 3 years now. I love that I can easily change out the cards and slap it right on the board.. since they all have magnets on the back. You can find the schedule cards I use in my TPT store

During Language Arts I do Daily 5/CAFE Mon-Thurs. My school uses Harcourt Trophies for their LA curriculum, and my grade level wants me to use it so that we can be consistent with grade level assessments. So, I teach the skills from Trophies through CAFE mini lessons and align it to the CAFE strategies throughout the week. On Fridays, we have a short LA block because of music class so I use this day to assess the students on Trophies weekly end of selection tests. 

During Math, we do Math Workshop where students rotate between 4 different activities throughout the room. Each day they have an independent work assignment that is a review of whatever skill we are working on. They also do a hands on activity, where they are playing a review game of some sort or working with task cards. Next is computers- again review games..mostly IXL or Study Island. Last rotation is to meet with the teacher. Here students bring their white boards and we work through problems together and learn new strategies. I'm able to see what students are misunderstanding and help them out right then and there. I'm also able to differentiate instruction this way for each of my groups, which are changed almost daily. I usually give some kind of quick assessment each day, or look through their independent assignment to regroup students.  

From the looks of many of your schedules, I see that we are very fortunate to have 'specials' teachers. Most people hate Mondays but I actually love Mondays because if you notice the last block of the day for me is PE. Our PE teachers are split k-2 and 3-6. Our PE teacher is a certified teacher (former 6th grade teacher) so we are allowed to just drop our kids off..he even dismisses my kids at the end of the day. I absolutely love Mondays! The only other special that we don't need to be there for is Music, which is on Fridays. It's not as long a block but it's just about enough time to get some copies made before I need to pick them up again. 
Our school wide schedule is split up into A weeks and B weeks. A weeks we have Library and our computer class is taught by the computer teacher. On B weeks we have our counselor come into our classroom to do a character education lesson, and computer class is run by me. I love that we have open lab time every other week because it's a great time to work on math skills, or do extension projects. 

On Wednesdays we finish early at 12:30 so that our grade levels can have time to articulate and then head off to faculty meetings. In Hawaii, as a part of our new contract, we were given extended meeting days. We are in meeting from 12:30 all the ways until 3:30, sometimes 4 :( 

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I'd also like to give away 2 copies of my schedule cards to the first 2 people who comment and leave their e-mail address :)
Happy Monday!!


  1. I love your schedule cards!! We have an early dismissal day twice a month. Students get out at 1:45 pm and we meet either as a building or with our entire district until 3:35 pm. That is the end of our day by contract. Unfortunately, our days never really end at those set times, do they?! :)

  2. I love your schedule cards as well! I also like how you are making the Trophies work for you and your teaching style. We have to sometimes get even more creative when told what we have to use in our curriculum. I am using Everyday Math which I like, but I am attempting Interactive Math Journals to spice things up a bit. Was going to put it off until next year, but they seem so fun I want to start now!! :)