Sunday, November 17, 2013

Multiplication Snow Ball War

Hey Monday and thanks so much for stopping by! 

My kids have been working hard learning all about multiplication and division this quarter.  I must say that they are loving every minute of it and are progressing really well! In my classroom, we do Math Workshop. During the math workshop, the students will rotate between 4 different 'centers'-Independent work, Hands-on, Computers, and Work with the Teacher. 

I'm gearing up for the holiday season already and starting to get some activities ready for our Hands-On Math.  As a child, I remember my dad teaching me how to play the game War, with a deck of cards. This was such a simple game, but I loved it! I decided to re-create the game of War..all while the students are practicing their multiplication facts!

The students will be using these cards as their playing cards. 

They will split the deck in half, then flip the cards over one by one. The students will say their product out loud to one another. The student that has the higher product will win the cards. 

They will keep track of their score by using the scorecard to collect snowballs! The student who has the most snowballs at the ending of the game wins the snowball fight! 

Head on over to my TPT store to get this resource for your classroom :) 

Now I'm off to finish cutting these cards! Have a great week! 


  1. Thanks for the adorable freebie! It is too adorable - I know my students will love it.

  2. Courtney is it too late to snag me a copy of these adorable snowman at war with multiplication. My kiddos hate practicing their facts and this would be great fun.