Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Made It #2: Lesson Plan Book!!

Hey Everyone!!
I'm so happy/proud to be posting my second Monday Made it...2 weeks in a row! Hopefully I'll also have something to share next week as well. Linking up with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics for this week's Monday Made it! 

I've been busy at work tweaking my plan book for next year. I currently have one up in my TPT Store  from last school year. Last years book was a black and white version..because I wanted to save my ink for all of the other wonderful things I had purchased and printed at home. This year, I decided to update the plan book because I wanted it to be fun and colorful, like my classroom theme for this coming school year! 

I took it to Office Max yesterday and got it bound..I LOVE how it turned out. I was so shocked that it cost less than $4.00 to get this book put together. 

Last summer, I decided to create my own plan book because I couldn't bring myself to paying an outrageous price at the teacher supply store for a plan book that I really didn't care for. The prices of those plain and not cute books are so I decided why not create something that i like, and that has everything that I want/need in it?! 

I will go through each of the sections in this book. 
I had a few more sections that I had planned for...but unfortunately, I ran out of paper to print with and I was so anxious to just take it to get it bound...otherwise, I'd keep obsessing and adding things and this would be a never ending project!

The first section is this student information sheet. 

Behind are pages where you can fill out the following:
  • Student and Parent's name (for those students who have different last names from their's always good to have it down just in case)
  • Email address
  •  Cell phone and home phone numbers
  •  Allergies
  • Extra Notes
  • and a place where you can circle if the child is a bus rider, parent pick up, after school care, or other...
Next up is the Long Term Planning Section.

Here is where I will plan out what big ideas/standards will be taught during what month. 
This is always helpful for me to keep up with my pacing as I teach...and to make sure that I cover everything!!

Next comes the Monthly Calendar section...

I decided to use circles so that each year you can just go ahead and fill in the numbers for each month. 
This year, I've also decided to add a quote for each month. This is a very basic and plain calendar template but I plan on jazzing it up with colorful pens as I fill in all the gazillion things that teachers always have going on in their busy lives
Then comes the Grade Book

This is pretty self explanatory. The little line up at the top is where you can write down the date of the assignment/assessment..and then below you can either write down the assignment title and/or the standard. 

Lesson Plans

This is the template that I like to use for my lesson plans. The top has a spot where you can jot down the subject area. I like to leave this blank because sometimes my math block may take up 2-3 boxes depending on the day. This gives me some flexibility. 
I've also decided to add a Things to Do box at the ending of each lesson planning week.
I'm constantly making lists of all the things I have to do each week....but I am also constantly losing those lists and am having to remake them. This way..I won't lose them and it'll be all right there! 

The last section in my book is where I keep a list of my CC math and ela standards. 
Please note that when this product is uploaded to TPT, I will not be including standards for each grade level. You will need to find your own copies and add them in. 

I had planned on having one final section which would  have been Parent Communication. I ran out of paper so I couldn't include this in here but I'll probably bind another little book to keep track of my parent communication. This is where I wanted to document all the phone calls/emails that I made to parents and the purpose for the contact...Documentation is key and it's always a good thing to record when you do contact parents!!  

That's it for this week's Monday Made it!. I'm really happy with how my plan book turned out this year!! Hopefully I'll get this uploaded to TPT soon. I have a few more things to tweak on here and have to add in a credits page.

**Planner is now up in my TPT store!  It is marked down to $3.50 for today only!
My black and white version of this is also marked down to $3.50 until midnight Hawaii time :D  


  1. It looks awesome! I need to finalize mine. I had a blogging planner bound at Staples a week ago and was shocked by how cheap it was. I'm headed back with more things I want bound!

    Success in Second Grade

  2. Wow! I love this! I always create my own plan ok and plug in all of the constants do that I don't have to write them in. I find my schedule changes sooooo often that I frequently change my planning page for the week. I think the other pages would work wonderfully for me. The binding would help me stay better organized that a binder! That's for the amazing idea!


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