Monday, June 3, 2013

What I'm Loving: May

Hi Everyone and Happy Summer to those of you who have already started summer vacation :) We've been on break in Hawaii for a week already (today marks week 2). I must say, it is nice to sleep in and relax a little but I really miss my kiddos.

The last day of school for us was filled with water works. I have never had so many kids sobbing, with tears streaming down their faces on the last day before, but it touched my heart that they were so sad to leave!! I also had the cutest girl who was crying so hard and said that she never thought it'd be so hard  to leave me and that third grade was the best thing that ever happened to her! 

I'm a bit bummed I hadn't found the time to blog about some of our end of year activities, but maybe I can post it some other time, or next year. 

I will be starting a new monthly post series called: What I'm Loving
In this series, I will be posting about all of my favorite things during the month (at the end of each month). The things I will be posting that I'm loving will be all sorts of random goodness...anything goes.. teaching tools/products, cleaning supplies, household decor, beauty/fashion products, and I may have to add a little something in for my little fur baby. 

Here are all my favorite things from the month of May:

These are the best pens EVER. I don't know about you but I seem to always be making mistakes when I write in pen....and I absolutely HATE when I write things in pen in my planner, and then I need to change it. These pens have an eraser top. They are not your typical eraser top's actually like a little rubber piece (that doesn't seem like it would erase) but it  magically erases the pen away. It erases so well, you can see no trace of the ink. They also have highlighters from this same brand that erases away so nicely. They're pretty pricy, but totally worth it.

I've also been in love with my Magic Bullet this past month. I have been using it everyday make delicious smoothies for both breakfast and a cool me down, healthy snack. 
A typical smoothie will have some light flavored yogurt, soy milk, a whole banana, 2-3 strawberries, acai and some crushed ice. They taste DELICIOUS!! I also put some kale in when I have it on hand.

I finally gave in and decided to try out the Bath and Body Works Wallflower plug-in air fresheners. I LOVE THIS!! I currently have the scent sweet pea, and it leaves my house smelling sooo goood!!

This is by far my favorite sun screen. It smells just like those orange creamsicle pops we all used to eat as kids. It doesn't have that yucky sunscreen smell either.

Last, but not least...I'm loving these yummy veggie chips. You can find these at costco as dippers (the bag is green instead of orange) and the chips come in 3 flavors: spinach & garlic, red beet & onion and Carrot & Tomato. They're all natural and gluten free but still taste delicious. I love to scoops up some guacamole and salsa with this. 

Feel free to join in with this monthly post and share the products that you are loving each month. If you do make a blog post, please leave me a comment, I'd love to check out what you're lovin this month!! 

Enjoy your lazy summer days!! 


  1. I LOVE those erasable pens. I have a pack at home and one at work! They are the best!

    Success in Second Grade

    1. Yes! They are the best. Where do you buy them at?? They're hard to find here in Hawaii. I usually have people pick it up for me in Japan.

  2. Those erasable pens rock! I use them in my PD notebook and they are so handy!! The chips look good too, I may have to check those out! Happy summer vacation Courtney!

    Fashion Craze Learning Days