Thursday, June 6, 2013


Happy Thursday to you all!! I had to remind myself what day it is today..because I've been getting my days all mixed up. I love that I don't need to know what day it is! lol

Last night I couldn't sleep because I had so many ideas flowing through my head of things I wanted to create for next school year. SO I woke up at 1:30 and stayed up until 4:30 working on some new products!! I had to actually force myself to go back to bed. Lucky thing for summer though, I have all day to work on finishing what I started. SO..I'm giving myself a quick break and decided to link up with Farley for this month's CURRENTLY. 

*I just moved out to Kapolei which is very far from town. I no longer hear 'city noises' but lots of peace and quiet (which I love)! of now I'm just listening to the lawn mower going outside.

*I am absolutely loving that it is summer!! Who doesn't love being on vacation?!
 Even more, I actually get to spend some time with the hubby. We have opposite schedules so I really don't get to see him very much during the school year. He gets home when I'm already asleep..and is gone to work by the time I make it home. He will usually wake up in the morning to help me make my breakfast and lunch so that we have some time to talk to each other. We do get two days a week during the weekdays that he is off, so that is nice. We've been making use of all this time together by hanging out at the beach a lot!! 

Yesterday we went fishing! That is my brand new pole :D I didn't catch anything though..maybe next week?! 

*I really need to get on it with reformatting all of my worksheets and things I use for the school year. I have an entire years worth of morning work that I have been giving my kids for the past 3 years. It has a LOT of word problems. I feel that this is the reason why my kids were always really strong with word problems AND explaining why and how they know their answers are correct. (I'll post a little more about that later). Unfortunately, I could never upload it to TPT because almost everything I created prior to last year is all in DJ inker fonts and clip art. I've been meaning to re-do them all but haven't found the time. Hopefully by the ending of this month I'll get them all up! 

*I, along with all of you..(I'm sure) am totally wanting an all expense paid vacation. We usually try to take a vacay somewhere each summer...but since we just bought our new house, we're broke! Can't afford a vacay for awhile..especially since we're now saving up for our wedding!!!

*I'm needing to exercise daily and eat better this summer. During the year, I just don't have the time ( I know, I know..that's no excuse!). So far, I've been doing really good. I take my dog for at least a mile walk 2-3 times a day and usually also get some lap swimming or yoga in. I'm a major foodie so it's so hard to not eat everything that I want. I've been starting the mornings off with a smoothie (yogurt, banana, strawberries, soy milk, and acai) and some fresh that's a start!!

*AND last but not least...3 vacay essentials for me are:
Loved ones...of course! Who can have an awesome vacation without their family and/or friends?
Second, cell phone. cell phones have all that you need. Yelp apps to research the best eateries around, camera to capture all of the great memories, music, games, GPS, and of course..the capability of getting a hold of whoever you need whenever you need. 
And!! Every good vacay needs cash to enjoy the shopping, great food and drinks. Those three things and you're set!! :D 


  1. I'm just jumping on the classroom blogging - so I'm new to the 'currently' - I loved reading yours - and now I want to know all the things you woke up in the middle of the night to do!! I'll be a first year teacher next year and just can't wait. I was late going to college and even later getting a 'real' job - so better late than never. I love finding teacher blogs though - can't wait to keep reading!!

    1. Hi Lisa! Thanks so much for stopping by! Do you know what grade you will be teaching next year?? The blogging community is so wonderful and will be an excellent teacher. Look forward to hearing about your journey! Let me know if you have any questions or need any help!!
      Courtney :)

  2. Stopping by from Farley's currently, I so feel you on the constant flows of ideas for next year. I have been on summer for officially five hours and already found a new must do projects on pinterest. Also completely relate to not seeing your significant other much during the school year, one of my favorite things about summer is I can actually stay up late enough to see my boyfriend.