Friday, December 21, 2012

Wonderful Winter Sale(s)

I totally missed out on the cyber monday sales since I wasn't prepared to shop. I will definitely be taking advantage of the Winter Sale that many wonderful TPT sellers are taking part in this upcoming weekend. 

I will be linking up with Casey from Second Grade Math Maniac for this wonderful Winter Sale where you can get 20% off in my TPT store as well as many others. If you head over to her blog you can see which sellers are throwing a sale as well as be directly linked over to their store!!

I'm afraid to see how much I'll spend but know it will be well worth it when I'm scrambling to make some plans right before we head back from break. Actually, I'm going to use today to start planning and get a little organized for back to school time. I've already spent SO MUCH money Christmas shopping that it is scary!! I need to start some major money saving and penny scrunching in the new year. 

For those of you who have been following, the boy and I went to take a look at our almost house!! We got to see it in the construction phase, and if all goes as planned that exact unit we saw will be ours!! There is one more couple ahead of us in choosing but according to the realtor at the development property...they aren't interested in the unit we want. What that means is that if all goes as planned....I will be moving into a brand spankin new home in late February/early March which means MAJOR MONEY SAVING up ahead!! :D 

Have fun shopping the tpt sales and the mall sales this weekend..I know I will!! :)

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