Monday, December 3, 2012

5 for Five..Week 4

I'm linking up this week with Jenn and Jessica for their 5 for five.
I missed last week since I was so crazily busy and couldn't even find a moment to THINK....Since I was so busy last week, I honestly can't even remember what was done which week so I'll just be looking to see if it was accomplished in the last two weeks....Honestly, I don't even remember what my goals were (that's not a very good sign!) but here we go! are my goals from Monday Nov. 12:
Red means this did NOT happen
YAY! Green means I totally did this!!! :)
Orange means I got half done :/

1. Take a multi-vitamin every day this week.
Okay this was a big fat fail. I don't' know what it is but in the morning for the life of me I can't remember to take my vitamins!! Any suggestions?? 
2. Work out 3 times this week.
Uhm yah. NO 3 portfolios due within this time period=no workout sessions for me!
3. Do not waste time doing ridiculous things, be focused, and get work done. 
Yay! Was totally productive with this. In terms of finishing all three portfolios by the deadline!! Turned my last one in today :) 
4. Make it to a bank/apply for our house loan.
Totally got this one done. Also went house hunting...AND applied for a new housing development coming up!! Fingers crossed we will hear some good news on this. The unfortunate thing  is that this development gives priority to families of 3 or more so we are one of the last picks. :( 
5. Create a product for TPT this week...
Woah! I guess I was pretty successful and focused! 
I created  Holiday Themed Multiplication and Division Task Cards that are aligned to Common Core (specifically for grade 3) word problems! 

You can pick this file up at my tpt store! There are multiplication and division word problem task cards as well as a recording sheet. You can use these in centers, small group review, or for a fun game of SCOOT!! 

Here are my new goals for this upcoming week!
1. Catch up on the past 5 weeks of grading that I have fallen behind on! 
2. Put up my Christmas Tree and decorations!!
3. Head to the mall and start my shopping lists!!
4. Get our faculty Christmas Party planned!
5. Cut vinyl and label student ornaments for Christmas gifts for parents. 
My students will be making ornaments for their parents. Each year I use the same ornament project but I normally write on the ornaments with paint pens. Since I got a cricut this summer, I want to be fancy and use vinyl on the ornaments. Hopefully it'll turn it :)

Have a great week!!


  1. I love your blog!
    I was just reading your daily 5 and I can't remember to take my vitamins either! One morning when I was running out the door I grabbed my vitamins and stuffed them in my pockets...because I was that late! And a few hours later one exploded in my pocket and those pants are part....still never took the vitamins and walked around with a weird stain all day....awesome!

    Love that you live in Hawaii.... I'm in beachy Southern California- but it isn't Hawaii! Lucky you!

    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award - stop by my blog to check it out!

    Crayons and Whimsy

  2. Your blog is so cute, I love it! I am your newest follower!

  3. Have you thought of inquiring someplace else? If your application still hasn’t been approved by now, I suggest searching for a company that treats each applicant as a priority, and where loan agents epitomize professionalism and trustworthiness. This way, you can make use of your time.

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  4. Was there good news already? I hope that you got the house loan successfully. Regarding the housing development, that was sad, but companies always have that kind of standard on their loan programs. You should still try to look for more though. You'd surely find one that will prioritize you.

    Sage Leung