Sunday, November 11, 2012

How to Make a Turkey

Last year I did a really cute activity with my students about How to Make a Turkey. They work on using sequence order words to give steps about how to create a candy turkey. I came up with the idea of doing this project last minute last year so I had such a hard time finding candy corn. It was already right before Thanksgiving and all the stores were out of their Halloween stuff. This year, I was smart enough to tell my kids to bring in any candy corn they got from trick-or-treating as well as any whoppers. Good thing I did because I saved myself a ton of money from having to go out and buy them. Last year, I had to go to a specialty candy shop and spent almost $15 on candy corn!! I'm glad I planned ahead this year :)

This is what the cute turkeys look like. You need two double stuffed oreos, some candy corn, and whoppers (this is per child). I pre packaged everything in plastic baggies the night before so that I could easily hand them out to the students. They absolutely loved this activity...

They were also required to write out the ingredients needed, as well as step by step directions. At the ending, they drew and colored a picture of what the turkey is supposed to look like. I packaged the finished products up and sent them home with the kids. :) Surprisingly, most of them wanted to wait to eat it so they could show their parents. If you would like a copy of the worksheet that my kids used for this activity you can pick it up here. 

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