Saturday, August 11, 2012

TpT Back to School Sale and Your Fav. Products Ever Purchased Linky...

Boy!! This TPT Back to school sale is HUGE..and I can't wait to fill up my basket. I'm almost afraid of how many things I will purchase from telling myself..but it's sooo cheap compared to regular price :P I do this too often! haha. So, of course I will have to participate...I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin'

My store will also be 20% off and don't forget to enter the Coupon Code: BTS12 for an ADDITIONAL 10% off!! 

If you're like me (back to school and last minute) and did not get a chance to do your homework and look up all of the great things that you WILL purchase and make use of this school year...lets help each other out and SHARE our best investments from TPT. What are some things that you have purchased and used year after year....or that have been a total success in your class and you absolutely LOVED. 

Here are some of my all time favorites:

I really loved this pumpkin Book Project Pack and it was SO FUN seeing the wonderful work of art that the students and families created together. This was from the Clutter Free Classroom. You may link up to this store by clicking on the picture or HERE

This unit was created by Ashleigh (one of my favorite sellers). I had purchased this unit before common core blew up. My school began implementing common core last school year, and there really wasn't any materials or resources out yet like there is now. This was SO helpful for me in grasping an understanding of what the standards asked for. Plus there were so many practice pages that were FUN for the kids :) Check it out HERE

This is my most recent purchase from Stephanie, and I absolutely LOVE this. She made it so easy for me to implement Mystery Readers..and my students AND parents are SO EXCITED!! 
Check it out HERE

SOO To help out all of those last minute shoppers (like me)  make the most out of their dollar, PLEASE link up and share your favorite purchases from TPT. Be sure to link back to your blog post!

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