Monday, May 4, 2020

End of Year Brochures: Tips for Your Future Students

Want to provide your students with something meaningful to do during the last week of school?
 Look no more, I have the perfect thing for you and your students! 

These End of the Year Brochures from your current students will provide your future students with great advice! 
At the ending of every school year, I sit down with my kiddos and we talk about all the things they've learned this year. We discuss what 'a piece of advice' is and what helpful tips are. They are then tasked with coming up with any information they feel is important for incoming 2nd graders to know based on what they've learned about our classroom and/or the 3rd grade. 
Once the kids are done, I collect the brochures and hold on to them over the summer. At the 
start of every school year, our school holds a Meet and Greet event where students can meet the teacher and drop off all of their school supplies. 
When kids come in, I let them choose a brochure. I share with them that it's a gift from my last year's student and recommend they read it for some helpful information. 
My former students always got a kick out of it that they designed a brochure. They will often come back to visit to find out who got their brochure :) 
Never before have I ever imagined we would be in the situation we are in now. Many states have been out of school since March due to the Corona Virus and many will not be returning for the rest of the year. Teachers have had to figure out 'distance learning' overnight, and they all continue to show up top-notch for their students every day. 
In an effort to help teachers out during this time as well as maintain a sense of normalcy, I have also made these End of Year Tip Brochures available digitally. I think that regardless of the situation, it will be nice for teachers to have this to pass on to their next year's kiddos. 
I've had to get creative with this one but I actually LOVE the way they've turned out. Students will create digital slides with their tips instead of the typical tri-fold brochure. You will then provide a link to student slideshows with a QR code and attach them to the student bookmarks. At the start of next year, you will hand these super cute bookmarks out to your NEW kiddos welcoming them to your class/grade. 
The Digital End of Year Tips come with already made templates in Google Slides. All your students need to do is add in the text and whatever pictures they would like :) 
There are 3 different color options available for you or your students to choose from. 
  1. I recommend assigning these to students through Google Classroom as it will be the easiest to give each student their own copy. 
  2. Instruct students to get creative! They can use fun fonts, colors, and add in photos.
  3. When they are done, select 'Publish to the Web' and check off the box that says "start slideshow as soon as the player loads". You will want to change the amount of time between each slide transition. 
  4. Grab the link and enter it into a QR Code Generator. Save the QR code under the student's name.
  5. Insert the QR code to the back of the student bookmarks.

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