Sunday, November 1, 2015

November Currently!

Happy November!

Today I'm here again to link up with Farley for November's Currently!
Let's go!

The AC. The weather has been so muggy lately that I've been having to run the air all day and all night. 
Hence, my wanting for the weather to cool down ;) 

Just like Farley, I am stoked that Halloween is over. I'm not too big of a Halloween person, and look forward to it being done so that I can get ready for Christmas!! Now that it's officially November…I am just itching to decorate for Christmas!! 

We will be away for the hubby's 30th B-day Celebration over the Thanksgiving weekend. When we get back, it'll already be December and our first weekend is already busy…so I'll be needing to decorate the house before we leave, so it's ready for us when we get back! Can't wait!

I just ordered a Silhouette Cameo and am thinking about all of the Holiday DIY projects I have on my to-do list. I just love crafting during this time of year! I've been planning them since the start of October ;)

The weather to cool down. Granted the weather only reaches the low 70s (midday), that's pretty cool for us here in Hawaii…but I want to start dressing in cute warm clothes :)

To get to work! 
I've put my work list off all day yesterday…I will get work done today…..
I hope. :/

I LOVE my mom's homemade stuffing. I mix it in with mashed potatoes. That is my favorite part of our Thanksgiving meals. I could totally go without the turkey..and just eat stuffing and mashed potatoes!
I'm so sad though because I missed Thanksgiving last year and will miss it again this year due to being away on Vacation. :/ Maybe I can get her to cook it before I leave ;) 

Be sure to head over and link up with Farley. I'd love to see what you're Currently up to!


  1. I'm not a big fan of Halloween either...and I'm VERY glad that the party is over! It was a seriously crazy week. Hawaii weather sounds amazing to me because it has already started to cool down here in Illinois (40s & 50s).

    Sliding into 1st

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