Thursday, July 2, 2015

Building Relationships --BEFORE School Starts

Hey, teacher friend! Building Relationships is such an important component to having a successful school year! Today, I'm here to share with you an idea on how to build those positive relationships with students (and families) before the year even begins.

Every summer I look forward to getting my class list and finding out who my "kids" will be for the next year! :) Once I get that list, I always hand write a post-card to each child so that I can introduce myself, invite them to our school's Meet and Greet and get them excited for a fun year of learning! 

I feel that this simple gesture helps soooo much in building positive relationships with both my students AND parents. I have so many parents thanking me for sending their child mail. Many of them say it was the first time their child ever received mail and they wish they could've captured the look of sheer joy and excitement as they read the post-card out loud. These postcards help to let my students know that I care and they seem to be a little less nervous upon meeting me (because they feel they kind of already know me). 

Since we don't have any Dollar Stores here in Hawaii, I would have to buy the postcards from a regular teacher supply store. They would usually cost me about $15 each year PLUS shipping of the cards. Last year, I decided to just save myself some money and create some postcards of my own! 

I finally got around to putting it all together into an editable file. There are 11 different postcard styles to choose from! The best thing about this is that with one purchase, you have a multitude of postcard options for future years! You can get your copy here

Included in your purchase is a PowerPoint file. You have the option to insert text boxes so that you can type your message instead of handwriting them all. I've also included BLANK versions of all templates so that you can customize them with your own text/saying. 

You will need to print on both sides of the card stock…so I recommend playing around with printing a little before printing out all your postcards! To see a detailed preview of what's included, you can check that out here.

A fun way to personalize each postcard is to add a QR code to it. Click here for a tutorial on how to do that. 

If you're interested in these FREE printable Post Cards that are customized to each grade level, sign up for my email newsletter to get this exclusive FREEBIE!*This postcard set is NOT editable. 


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