Thursday, January 9, 2014

January Currently! and a Chance to Win!

Happy 2014! 
I hope you all had a wonderful break and holiday season. I sure enjoyed myself- this was the first break ever that I didn't do any schoolwork! Partly due to the fact that I had NO internet connection for 10 days while staying at my grandparents' home. It was nice :)

Anyways, I'm linking up with Farley again this month for her January Currently!

Listening: To the hubs watching a movie 

Loving: That I finally get to spend some QT time with my hubby! I've been away for 10 days, and on top of that... I only get to see him 2 nights a week (on his off days). We have completely opposite schedules-by the time I get home..he is already gone for work. When he comes home (at 1am) I am already fast asleep. We are going to be enjoying a delicious meal of Shabu Shabu tonight :) *If you're curious what this is-head to my instagram..I'll be posting some pictures ;) 

Thinking: I need to start writing my report card comments. I've been putting them off for the past 3 nights :/

Wanting: Another week of break! 

Needing: To order my bridesmaid dresses. My wedding is officially 5 months away. I need to get on it!

Memory: This was the first Christmas we spent together in our NEW HOME with our new puppy :) It was great. We've been together for almost five years, but surprisingly this is only the 2nd Christmas we've spent together since I am originally from the island of Maui and usually go home for the holidays. It was nice because my parents were also able to fly up, stay with us and spend the holidays here on Oahu!

For all my third grade teacher friends out there reading this- I have a special deal for you!

My January Morning Math packet is only $1.50 in my TPT store until Sunday 1/12. 

Head on over and like my Facebook Fan Page , then leave a comment with your e-mail address for a chance to win a FREE copy of this packet. I will choose a random winner on Saturday morning. 

If you'd like a second chance to win a FREE copy, head on over to my Instagram page for another chance at winning! I will choose that winner on Saturday as well.

Good luck and Happy New Year!! 


  1. Congrats on your upcoming wedding! Your excitement shows, and I wish you both all the love and blessings that is possible in the world! Your blog is adorable and really shows the enthusiasm you put into your teachings and products in TpT... Have a happy and blessed New Year!

    Samantha @

    1. Thank you so much for such a sweet comment Samantha! This definitely brought a smile to my day!! :D

  2. I'm already one of your Facebook fans! Must be so exciting to prepare for your wedding! :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by and supporting my lil blog ;)

  3. Courtney,
    You are planning your wedding? EXCITING! I am glad to have posted my link after yours (well after the link after yours-haha) to get to read about such a wonderful CURRENTLY! Looks like 2014 has brought you many wonderful blessings.. And I see we both teach 3rd grade! Hip Hip Hooray! #thirdgradeisawesome. Congrats again on your upcoming nuptials.

    P.S- I love LOVE the flip flops on your sidebar! Green and Blue are 2 out of my 3 favorite colors!!

    Nice Linking Up with you :-)


    1. Hi Emerald!!!

      Yay- I'm so happy to have found another 3rd grade teacher/blogger!! I don't feel that there are too many of us out there in the blogging world. I love to find others to collaborate with :) Thanks so much for stopping by!!