Monday, October 29, 2012

5 for Five

Wow!! I found a new and super fun linky party!! This week and hopefully every Monday from now on..I'm linking up with Jenn and Jessica for their 5 for Five, which means that I set five goals that I wish to accomplish in the next five days. How awesome is this? It's written down and makes me accountable for them. Just what I need!! Hopefully next Monday I'll be checking off each of my goals :)

1. Work out at least 3 times this week. 
I've been wanting to get back into working out as I've been mentioning, but I always make up some kind of excuse for myself. I'll be taking some baby steps and will only set my first few weeks at 3 times a week. Hopefully this can get accomplished.

2. Eat at home at least 5 times this week.
I absolutely LOVE food,eating out and trying new places. My boyfriend and I go out to eat wayyyyy to much, which is very dangerous on the wallet. Recently, we've been trying to save money because we want to buy a place in the near future...but we need to stop eating out so often :( Good thing we both enjoy cooking!! 

3. Recycle
The balcony of our apartment is filled with cans and bottles that need to be recycled. I plan on making it this week!

4. Drink coffee from home every day this week.
I have a starbucks right across the street from my school. I usually head there a few times a week to pick up some coffee. I actually have a keurig which brews some amazing coffee but I've been wanting fancy coffees lately...I plan on drinking coffee from home every day this week!!

5. Finish ONE of my 3 portfolios due at the ending of November. 
I have 3 portfolios due at the ending of November. Every time I look at my planner I start freaking myself out. This weekend, I hope to finish at least one of them......

Wish me luck..Hopefully I'm successful with my first 5 for five :) 


  1. Love this linky....will be heading over there. Good luck with your goals this week!

    Success in Second Grade

    1. I know right..isn't this such a great way to keep ourselves accountable for actually TRYING to get them done! :D Hope you link up next week! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hi there! I'm Erin, a new follower! I found you through Jenn @ Party of One! Isn't this link up great? I hear you on the coffee goal... thankfully, there is not a coffee place along my commute to work this year, so I "have to" make coffee at home!

    I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award! Go to my post to find out more:


    1. Thank you so much Erin! Also, thanks for stopping in and following :) I'll be over to check your blog out as well

  3. THANK you so much for linking up with us this week! We're SO glad to have you :) You have some fantastic goals for the upcoming week! I'm especially challenged by the eating AND drinking coffee at home! My mom has a Keruig and I have a tassimo but I somehow end up stopping at Starbucks (or being tempted to!) all the time. Something that helps me is buying one or two fancy creamers! Much cheaper than fancy coffees everyday but still gives you that variety!

    Thanks again for joining us!

    1. Smart idea! I'll try buying some fancy creamers too :) Thanks for hosting such an awesome linky party!

  4. Starbucks is such a hard one! I have one on my way to school as well. It's horrible. I try to limit myself to one a week. Yay- for joining the link up! And your a teacher---even better! :)

  5. GOOD LUCK!!! I'm so happy you found our linkup, and I hope you like it! I took the same approach as you have toward my exercise goal (working it in slowly and not wearing myself out too fast) and it has been going well, especially considering that I'm at school all day (like you)! Good luck with those portfolios - you can do it! Thanks again for linking up!

  6. Good luck with the portfolios! They are definitely not fun! I've also had to break my Starbucks addiction. I for some reason just realized that the keurig makes amazing iced coffee, if you just pour it over ice after brewing on the lowest temperature! Add some coconut creamer...better than Starbucks! Doesn't hurt that it's way less calories either!