Thursday, September 8, 2011

Turning a new leaf...

I have been struggling with this new class. I have four students who are performing 2 grade levels behind in both math and reading (who are not SPED) and about 5 students who seem to be in a daze and have no idea what's going in. I like to call it the "tv daze". It was funny because I decided to ask one day who watched tv before they come to school...sure enough my dazed children raise their hands :D Its as if nothing being said is comprehended. They NEVER have any clue of what is going on. The poor students who have been listening get so frustrated with them. I have been getting stress headaches because I feel that about half the class is not learning either because it's too hard or they are totally off in their own world!

I have been trying EVERYTHING.....been researching and reading blogs for ideas. I have finally tried out Whole Brain Teaching!! I am hoping this is going to be my saving gGrace! Sooo far..soo good. The students are really taking a liking, they re attentive because its 'fun' and the repetition is what they need! I love WBT.

On a funny note...I could not help but LAUGH when they do their Mighty OOOOHH YEAHH. Their faces completely light up and they look SOOOO excited for a tally mark :P 

Hopefully this is the turning of a new leaf for my class and I

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