Monday, February 1, 2016

February Currently!

Happy February, Friends!

It's been awhile but I am back for my first Currently of the year. Head on over to check it out and link up with the fabulous Farley

To Jane the Virgin. I absolutely love this show..but surprisingly-this is the first time I've ever watched it  while being shown live on the TV. I'm a total binge watch on Hulu/Netflix kinda gal :P 

 The way I feel.
 I've always been a pretty active girl my whole life…but things changed when I started teaching. I put all of my time into planning, prepping, grading, creating (I'm sure you can all relate)…that I left no time for myself. I'm a bit ashamed to say it, but I've gained 20 lbs. since I've started teaching. I never had time to work out and I LOVE to eat (which is partially the problem, too). 
This year I decided that I am going to MAKE time to work out and eat healthy. I only have one body and I need to take care of it. I've been working out and eating clean and I am LOVING the way that I feel. I still have a long way to go before I achieve my goals..but can't wait to continue on this journey for me!

Of tackling my to-do lists. I get home at around 5ish every day. By the time I'm doing with my workouts it's almost 6:30. My hubs and I eat dinner, clean up, then I prep my meals for the following day. I usually shower, then head to bed. 
Although I feel great, I really haven't been getting much done during the week. I am going to set aside an extra 20 minutes every day (even if I need to stay up a little later or give up my before bed Instagram time) to work on one thing that has been sitting on my to-do list. 

More time in a day. See above ;) 

A massage! With all of the working out I've been doing, my body is sore (in a good way). It would feel oh so good to get a massage. I am one lucky girl because the hubs bought me a gift certificate to the spa at Aulani. This spa is to die for! 

Aulani is the Disney Resort on the island of O'ahu.
This is where you can go before and after your spa treatment to relax and rejuvenate. 

I can't wait to go. I'm heading there in a few weeks with one of my girlfriends.

Over my hubby. Every single day I fall more in love with this guy. He is the most supportive and encouraging person in helping me to achieve my goals and aspirations. In order for me to workout, he prepares dinner every night, does the dishes, and does most of the housework so that I can find time on the weekend to create. I am definitely a lucky girl :) 

What are you currently up to? Be sure to head on over and link up with Farley!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Digital Holiday Story Books

Today I'm here to share with you a favorite holiday project in my classroom. During the holidays, it's really difficult to keep the kids engaged/focused…but this project is always a hit! Kids beg to work on it -- and are dead silent and hard at work while doing so. 
Here's a sample of a completed project!
To begin, students worked with a partner to fill out their story map. 

They brainstormed ideas and had to come to an agreement before filling out their story map. From there, they went on to the actual writing of their stories. The kids knew what their end product would be--so while they work on their writing, they are also planning out which sentences will go on what page. Students were so excited about this part and couldn't wait to get into the lab! 
Click here to download the story map.
Once students were done with the writing, we went into the lab so they could begin creating their digital story books. For this project, we used the program Pixie
This is an awesome program because students were able to link up computer screens with their partners--so that they could both work on the illustrations at the same time. There are also many different clip art pieces the kids can use.

It took awhile for the kids to learn to work together on this program. Since most of them chose to work on the same page at the same time, they would often go and change out little images their partner had placed…or change the color of the text, etc. After awhile though, they figured out how to work together to compromise. 

Since we could only work on this program in the computer lab, and that we had a limited number of days to work on it, this was incentive enough to get the kids to not argue and finish up their work in the given amount of time. 

During the last week of school, we popped popcorn and watched all of the holiday movies! The kiddos LOVED it. Here's one more:
This was a great activity to do to keep the kids engaged during the holidays, but really, this could be enjoyed at any time throughout the year! 
I'd love to know if you end up doing this with your kiddos :) 
Happy Teaching!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tech Tip Tuesday

At my school, we have an awesome technology coordinator that is in the know of all new and cool technology programs out on the market. She even has a ton of tech tips up her sleeve that she is always willing to teach others about. 

She started an awesome technology PD opportunity for all faculty on campus. I like to call it "PD on the Potty" but it's real name is "Learning on the Loo".  

Each month, our tech coordinator will go around campus to every bathroom that is used by faculty members. She will place a learning sheet on the wall, directly across the toilet. :) 

It cracks me up because the tag line is…Face it, there's nothing else to distract you. 

I love all of her monthly tips that she shares because they are always super helpful, and are also usually things that I hadn't heard of, done, or tried before. 

Today's tip is all about how to narrow your internet searches.

I had no idea that searching without quotations meant that you are searching each word separately! 

That's it for today. Aloha!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

November Currently!

Happy November!

Today I'm here again to link up with Farley for November's Currently!
Let's go!

The AC. The weather has been so muggy lately that I've been having to run the air all day and all night. 
Hence, my wanting for the weather to cool down ;) 

Just like Farley, I am stoked that Halloween is over. I'm not too big of a Halloween person, and look forward to it being done so that I can get ready for Christmas!! Now that it's officially November…I am just itching to decorate for Christmas!! 

We will be away for the hubby's 30th B-day Celebration over the Thanksgiving weekend. When we get back, it'll already be December and our first weekend is already busy…so I'll be needing to decorate the house before we leave, so it's ready for us when we get back! Can't wait!

I just ordered a Silhouette Cameo and am thinking about all of the Holiday DIY projects I have on my to-do list. I just love crafting during this time of year! I've been planning them since the start of October ;)

The weather to cool down. Granted the weather only reaches the low 70s (midday), that's pretty cool for us here in Hawaii…but I want to start dressing in cute warm clothes :)

To get to work! 
I've put my work list off all day yesterday…I will get work done today…..
I hope. :/

I LOVE my mom's homemade stuffing. I mix it in with mashed potatoes. That is my favorite part of our Thanksgiving meals. I could totally go without the turkey..and just eat stuffing and mashed potatoes!
I'm so sad though because I missed Thanksgiving last year and will miss it again this year due to being away on Vacation. :/ Maybe I can get her to cook it before I leave ;) 

Be sure to head over and link up with Farley. I'd love to see what you're Currently up to!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Math Workshop #NittyGritty

Hey there! Today I'm here to continue my little mini blog series on how I run Math Workshop in my classroom and get down to the #NittyGritty 

Before we jump into Math Workshop, I always do a whole group lesson. 
During the lesson I introduce the concept we are learning about. When I teach concepts I always, always, always introduce with concrete representations. Throughout our time working on the skill we will then move to the pictorial, and eventually abstract representations. We practice the concepts using the I do, We do, You do model. We do tons of guided practice as a group using task cards and our whiteboards. 

While students are working on solving problems, I use the time to walk around and help those who seem to be confused and/or not understanding. This is my time that I can work with individual students and give them my undivided attention. 

Along with using this time for helping students, I am also taking note of those who are struggling to catch on…even with continued practice and support. 

At the end of our whole group lesson, I hand out my Quick Checks that I use to assess the day's learning. The students are given different problems (I have a version A and B) so that I know I am assessing their understand, not their neighbors! 

I then use the information from my Quick Checks to put them into groups for Math Workshop.

This is my Math Workshop Rotation Board…laid out on a table….before I stapled them to my cabinets. Sorry for the poor picture quality--and crookedness of the cards, it was the best photo I could find on my phone :/ lol

Anyway- I meet with 4 groups every day and each group will rotate to 4 different centers: Work with Teacher, Computers, Hands On and Independent Work. 

Because of the way that I teach before jumping into Math Workshop, I always assign my group of students who seem to have got the day's lesson to be the first to work on independent work. This is because I feel that they are most ready to tackle the assignment. When we meet together, we quickly review the work they completed and I make note of how each student did. 

During Hands On, students are either reviewing past skills and/or working on building their understanding of current skills being covered. At this center, students will work on a variety of things. One day they may be playing a game, working on task cards, doing a scavenger hunt, or using cards to solve problems on whiteboard/templates. 

In the picture above, the students were working on different ways to represent multiplication. They were given various multiplication expressions and needed to show that expression 4 different ways. Some students took awhile doing this, while others were quick. One way I managed activities like this (and also used it as a formative assessment) was to have the students take a picture of their work with the iPad. At the end of the day, I used this as another piece of data (along with my notes from small groups) to adjust groupings for the next day. All I needed to do was scroll through the iPad photos to check student work.

When it comes to independent work/Hands On, my students are given differentiated folders based on their groups (using coordinating colors). 

Based on the skill and how far along we are, different groups are given different assignments to work on. I also sometimes differentiated the Hands On Activities. 

Using folders really made my prep easy because I didn't need to take the time to hand out different worksheets to all the different groups…even better, students had no idea that they weren't working on the same things as the other groups. 


When students are working on computers they are mostly on IXL to review skills and/or Fact Fluency Games. They are given assignments each day that are posted on the front board.

During Teacher Time the students come to the Kidney Bean Table to work with me. This is where the main teaching happens. All students are working on the same skill, but at very different paces. Like I said before, when I meet with the 'high group' we check on their independent work first, then work on and clarify misconceptions. 

I LOVE Teacher Time during Math Workshop for soooo many reasons.

1. Your high students don't get bored. 
This is your time to challenge them, push them to the next level and truly make their learning meaningful. 

2. You can help ALL students.
I'm not going to lie. It is ROUGH having a class of 28-32 students with levels ranging from 1st-6th grade. Math Workshop allows you the opportunity to differentiate teaching, learning, and practice for all students in your class. I'm able to help those students who need it---at their level. That's the best feeling ever. 

3. Your struggling kiddos feel comfortable. 
By the time students hit 3rd grade, they know they struggle. Too often I find those kids shying off, disengaged and trying hard to not be called on. During Teacher Time, they are working at their level, being successful and feel GOOD! They are understanding things and they begin to burst out of their shells. During Teacher Time, I actually get to know who my struggling kiddos better…I love to see them wiggling in their chair wanting to answer my questions or give their friend some advice/feedback. It makes my day! 

That's it folks..that is how I run Math Workshop in my classroom. It has definitely evolved over the years and taken time become what it is today. If you would like to read about why I started or how I start, please head back to the beginning

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday Scoop {10/11/15}

Good Morning!

Today I'm linking up with Teaching Trio for the Sunday Scoop. 

This is a fun little linky that I've been eyeing for awhile--just never took the time to sit down and write up a post. is what I'm up to on this beautiful Sunday.

Have To:
This past week we were on Fall Break. I attended a Digital Leadership and Learning Conference the first 2 days. I hadn't accomplished as much as I'd like to over the break so I definitely need to finish up Unit 3, Week 2 for my Reading Wonders materials.

 I'm also in charge of cooking dinner tonight for our Family dinner….so I definitely need to get that done today ;) 

Since we've been on break, I tried to make it a point to do a little cleaning each day. My house has definitely been neglected since this school year started, so cleaning a little each day has really helped! I'm looking forward to heading back to work and coming home to a clean home every day. 

Hope To:
Once I finish all my Have To tasks, I hope to schedule a blog post to go out this upcoming week. I have so many ideas of things I want to blog about--just need to make the time to sit down and do it. 

The next thing I hope to do is to schedule/plan lessons I will do for a Google Course I am taking. I'm actually supposed to do a Google Hangout with my classmates tomorrow--to discuss my lesson :/ Yikes! #bettergetonit 

Happy To:
Last but not least, I am definitely happy to be spending the night with family. My husband and I usually get together every week/every other week with my brother, sister in law, and her 2 sisters and husbands  for Family Dinner nights. We each take turns cooking. It's so nice to get together and relax with family…but what makes it even more precious are that we have 2 new additions to our family! Both of my sis. in law's sisters had baby boys. One just made 4 moths and the other just made 4 weeks! 

Head on over to the Teaching Trio to link up about your Sunday! 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Reading Wonders Weekly Teaching Plans

Hi, Friends! 
Last year, I blogged about how I organized all of my Reading Wonders leveled readers and resources….Many people requested for me to share my weekly plans that I used to teach the series. Today, I am finally back to share that with you all! If you'd like to go back and check out that organization post, you can find that here
When we first started using this program..I was just so overwhelmed by everything that needed to be done. The plans in the TE completely stressed me out because there was NO WAY I could do all of that in that amount of time.
I'd like to think that I'm a pretty tech savvy kind of gal, but the online component also overwhelmed me. There was so much offered online, but I felt that things were just all over the place. To help myself out, I ended up creating resources for myself to use to teach each week. 

I created visual anchor charts so my students could refer back to the skills and strategies that are taught throughout the week. Also included in these packs are various worksheets to use throughout the week.

Creating these resources really helped me to know and understand what I was teaching each week. It forced me to read all the stories and understand the content I was teaching. I ended up creating a generic skeleton for my weekly plans. I mapped it out days 1-5 and listed all the things I would do each week. 
 Comprehension checks are included in my weekly Wonders packets. There are comprehension questions for the Reading Writing Workshop story as well as the Literature Anthology story. Practicing writing constructed response answers truly help my students with their writing and to prepare them for question 21 on the weekly assessment. 
For planning purposes, it was really easy to stick to my schedule and pull out the resources I created.  I would stick my weekly plans in a sheet protector and use the same plans week to week. In my planner, I'd just write down specific page numbers or activities that I would be doing for that week.
In the afternoons from 12:00-1:00 I teach writing and grammar. I use interactive notebook pages (included in my Wonders units) when introducing new grammar skills. 
I hope this post was helpful to you. If you're new to the Wonders program, give it some time. It can definitely be very overwhelming at first, but it'll get better once you've established routines, procedures and become a little more familiar with it.